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    iOS5 Install - Backup Issues

    I was glad I downloaded and installed mine a day early. I missed all the problems and slow servers etc. I had my iOS 5 downloaded, and installed on my phone in less than 30 minutes. No issues.
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    The camera availability on the lock screen... Don't see it.

    Why do so many people not realize how to bring it up...
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    No camera icon on lock screen?

    Lmao. Wow
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    GPS app that shows trails?

    Can you download maps in mapmyhike for offline usage? You can in motionx, but I'm not a fan of that app. I love mapmyhike, tried the free version, anyone have the full?
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    GPS app that shows trails?

    thanks guys.
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    GPS app that shows trails?

    Was wondering if anyone knew about an iPhone app that leaves a trail of where youve traveled. The snowmobile season is coming up and it would be handy to have. Basically this is the scenario id use it in. Heading through trails and fields, get lost don't know which way is home. Fire up the app...
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    iCafe iPhone/iPod touch app

    Thank you.
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    iCafe iPhone/iPod touch app

    Ok thanks.
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    iCafe iPhone/iPod touch app

    just wondering how someone would go about making an app like that for my own forum. is it hard? would be a great thing. anyone know how to do this?