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  • where are you!!?
    Do you have Google+ or Facebook? Whichever it is, add me "Tarek Elsakka".

    I prefer Google+, though.
    you look SOOO different!! I had no idea who you were until I went to my profile page.
    Is that you in your profile pic?
    London...your now adrian?? Why the name change?
    Your inbox is full...

    Tethered means you have to rejailbreak with every reboot, including when you lose power. This has been an issue since October 2009 when the new bootrom iDevices (ipod touch and 3GS) were released. Apple changed the hardware midway through production. Old bootrom 3GS' were not affected.

    The iphone 4 4.2.1 jailbreak is only a partially tethered jailbreak, though. Your phone will still boot; it will just boot stock (until you run the jailbreak tool).

    The iPhone 4 4.1 (and earlier) firmware jailbreaks are untethered. If you buy an iPhone that's running 4.2.1, you will not have an SHSH and you will not be able to unlock or have an untethered jailbreak, for now at least.
    Yeah, I'm really into it, too! This last episode was great. Only two more episodes in season 1. :( I hope season two starts in January rather than next fall (kinda like they did with V last year).
    Are you watching The Walking Dead on AMC? It's really good! I think you'd like it.
    Cool. I'll have to check that one out. I haven't read it. I just started reading "Fight Club" since I like the movie so much.
    doubt that will happen to me lol
    Are you nuts? lol
    I'm trying to find a job but it's hard. Just enjoying life on the other hand :)
    well, other than being unemployed since november, been doing ok. how's life on your end?
    clothing line? damn I hope it's good LOL :p kidding...too much to drink tonight
    Yes! Where you been?
    your back here now right?
    where have you been hiding mister? come back soon!
    I miss you around here, London! I hope all is well and that school in the UK good.
    Nice! What a great set-up having one as a Sunday driver and another for the track only. Tell your dad I'm *very* jealous. Would he ever let you, or a (cough, cough) friend borrow one? Just for a little while? ;)
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