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  • It was an RS that I think he uses only for track-driving (he hauled it in a trailer to the track). I really, really need to get one of those someday! What Porsches do your family own? I might have to drop by and hit you up for a ride in one the next time I'm in Florida. ;)
    OMG -WTF? I get peoples hatred of terrorists, but why does that automatically mean turban = terrorist.

    Just take the moral high ground and let it go
    Just seems like lately there has been a bit of an atmosphere between you and a couple here like Honda? What happened?
    The eyes are sort of a gateway into a persons soul. You can read a lot about someone by reading their eyes as it often tells a story.

    Same goes for my avatars; there's always a story behind them that often reflect the person I am. ;)
    yah, i was banned with regards to this thread:

    pretty weak imo, but oh well, **** happens when you party naked. anyways, yah my iphone has been givin me some problems lately, it would freeze up and then i would get the "connect to itunes" screen to activate it. did that a couple times and i was about to restore it. then one of my friends was asking me about cracked apps and what not, so i started messing around with the mobileinstallation file and some others. it turned of and wouldn't turn back on, so i restored it and tried to rejailbreak and it wouldn't get past the last part and just was stuck in the constant reboot stage (almost like a 10.5.6 DFU mode issue although i'm not on 10.5.6). gotta figure some stuff out, probably gonna run pwnagetool and possibly do a custom ipsw to bypass the baseband upgrade. i'll make a thread about it when its done
    thanks man, same old ya know. who knows what excuse they'll use to ban me next time, but its all good either way. i saw you have been working on the baseband downgrade and stuff like that. keep up the good work bro, helpin people is what its all about. people just get their panties in a wad too often when i don't say exactly what they want to hear.
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