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    Anyone else have this problem/light bleed on screen?

    I only have one section that "bleeds". Its on the right hand side about 3/4 of the way up. I have only one section. Has any one had success in having it swapped exchanged for this problem? If so, I might try and go back and have it looked at again. The iPhone has a year warranty, so we...
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    Anyone else have this problem/light bleed on screen?

    I already tried that also... to have it exchanged. Unfortunately, with these types of devices it is common and most iPhones seem to have this issue somewhere around the edges of the screen. I only see mine in a mostly dark area a few millimeters wide on the side. Nonetheless, they wouldn't...
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    Pixels near edge are brighter

    I have noticed that when the lighting is dimmer, I notice a section on the side of the screen near the edge that has lighter pixels than the rest. So I took it to the Apple Store where I live and the guy took it in the back to look at it in dim lighting. He said that he did notice that and...
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    YouTube - Edge vs WiFi is true. I have noticed it also. Tested it with the same video. Try it yourself.
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    Pixels near edge are brighter

    ... that's what I hear. Will find out in about 1 hour.
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    Pixels near edge are brighter

    Yeah, I just called Apple Tech Support and they said they had never heard of this issue. I am going to go the the Apple Store later today to see if they can resolve it.
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    Pixels near edge are brighter

    I recently noticed on my iPhone that in the upper part of the screen there is a constant "bright area" near the edge. It is especially noticeable when watching movies in landscape mode. Its hard to describe, but when looking at the screen, you can see a brighter area (especially when the...
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    adding a phone number while on a call?

    ... that's the way I have done it a few times. Except the fact there is no copy & paste option almost guarantees you will have to write it down eventually.
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    iPhone and Wi-Fi, if I have my phone set down and I want my Yahoo mail to come through, then I need to have it check every so often?
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    iPhone and Wi-Fi

    Does anyone know if the Wi-Fi turns off after the iPhone is at rest for a length of time? I like the Yahoo Push Mail and it works... but after a while I notice my mail stops coming and when I turn the phone on, the Wi-Fi icon is gone.
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    one of the negatives of switching to cingular?

    ... that's why a wi-fi connection comes in handy when at home! ;) However, I haven't found Edge to be all that terrible.
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    one of the negatives of switching to cingular?

    And I am just the opposite. I get 0-1 bars with Verizon and after switching to AT&T... 5 bars, 4 in the basement. Finally, I can use my cell phone at my house!
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    How's your phone reception?

    I had Verizon previously, and I could not get a signal unless I walked down my driveway and up the street. With AT&T/iPhone, I get full bars... 3 or 4 in my basement.
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    Anyone damage their phone yet?

    When I bought mine at the Apple store they said they will be offering protection plans in the coming weeks. kinda strange they don't offer them at the launch, but I will most likely be purchasing this. There should be some sort of case we can get.
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    How to send MMS from your iPhone - THE ANSWER HERE

    Yeah, I tried sending one to my friend's sprint phone and it didn't work either. :-(