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    Display Brightness

    For those that have tried both auto brightness and manually adjusting it, did you see any noticeable battery impact by using the auto setting? I've read that the auto brightness has a demonstrable effect on battery life, but I've never really seen it (but I didn't last too long on the manual...
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    Exchange Server Not Working

    No issues with my work account or office 365 account (both exchange server). Both work fine (push is just as quick as previous phones).
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    iPhone 6 Plus, it's really big

    I don't talk a lot, but I have ear/headphones that I usually use. I do text/email a lot, and two hands on this phone actually makes it easier for me. I usually watch movies on my iPad, but I can the phone being used as a backup or alternate device for this (already put a couple "test" movies on it).
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    iPhone 6+ returns soaring!

    I think we'll see a few returns, but really, unless we have a complete picture, what we hear is just anecdotal evidence. I think by not being able to see/handle the phones prior to the pre-order will probably contribute. We may not see as many returns on the 6 because if it's too big, there's...
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    iPhone 6 Plus, it's really big

    It is a large phone, but I'm getting used to it. Bought a leather case today that helps with the grip, but it's still a work in process adapting to holding it in one hand.
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    Standard or Zoomed?

    I have it on standard right now, but I do use larger dynamic text in those apps that support it. Still playing around with the setup.
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    iPhone 6 Plus 4 week delay!

    Apple will probably get replenishment sooner than the carriers. Also, the carriers don't always have the best idea of when and how many; they get what Apple can ship them. Ordering through Apple, they control the whole manufacturing/shipment flow, so from what I've seen and read, their estimates...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    Cool! Mine is there now. Wish they'd deliver it already. (Even though it's not showing as shipped and there's a one in a million chance of it arriving before Friday.)
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    MobileShare 10GB vs. Unlimited Data Plan

    This is something I'm considering. Both my wife and I have unlimited data plans and shared 1400 min/unlimited txt. I think I've gone over 2GB once in my history (dating back 4 years), and my wife has crossed 1GB once or twice. I figure with a 10GB plan, we'd both be fine for the foreseeable...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    My plus just switched over to preparing for shipment late last night, so things are moving. I trust Apple more than I do the carrier sites, so if they say 9/19, then I'd be relatively optimistic it will be delivered on time.
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    I'm still stuck on processing. I read somewhere that geography might play a role based on "distribution" points. I hope mine is just because I'm close to one. UPDATE: I've finally moved to Preparing for Shipment!
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    Are both of them supposed to have a 9/19 delivery date? I've seen quite a few people with 6's post they've seen the status change. Only seen a few for the 6 Plus (and not sure they were ordered from Apple direct).
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    Which new iPhone 6 are you getting?

    Went with the 6 Plus. The OIS, increased batt life, and landscape capabilities swayed me over the 6. Hopefully, I'll adjust to the size.
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    I think the preparing to ship basically means they boxed it up and put a label on it. I interpret it as, "we boxed your order; you can't change it now. We'll actually give it to the delivery company when it's appropriate." Edit: Oh, I see now. Yeah, hopefully the preparing for shipment is...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    I'm still waiting for mine to show preparing to ship. It's still on the processing stage. Doesn't sound like I should worry about it, but I'll be happier when I see it shipped. I really would like it to be delivered on Friday before I leave for a business trip...