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    No Bluetooth on I Pod Touch?

    I am sure it does lessen the chance that ad2p will every come to iPhone.. Also have you noticed how the headphone jack is on the bottom of the ipod touch(next to the 30 pin ipod connector) ... there will be more crap for ipods then iPhone..
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    iPhone mini jack?

    no I'm talking about the headphone jack.
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    iPhone mini jack?

    Uhh ipod touch gets a mini jack that isn't recessed if i thought one company could make the perfect phone with media capabilities i thought it would be Apple, but apparently they cant even get a headphone jack right..
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    On the fence....push me over

    First off im gona say your gona like it a lot more then your razor... so stop reading the forums, but im disappointed with ringtones, no picture text, no multipul contact text, edge is to slow , and the phone honestly is not loud enough for me..its impossible to hear in any sort of place with a...
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    Bluetooth headphones

    My guess is Apple is making a pair of bt headphones. Then they will update the software acordingly.
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    Upgrading memory in my new MacBook

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    Ringtone complaints!

    What there trying to say is that ringtones were planed to be released in iTunes 7.3, but it didn't make it for the 7.3 release.
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    Orb on iPhone.

    but flash should be coming ! hopefully
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    do you have a link? when did they say they were gona release new headphones?
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    How long do you think it will be before the next iPhone version comes out?

    I say we wont see 3g for a long time... if they wanted to put 3g in the phone they would have put it in from the start. They wouldn't have released it just a year after the first one. IMO the iPhone's hardware wont be changing for a long time. This phone was built to grow. If we see anything...