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    iPad 2 buying suggestions

    I say if you can afford the 64GB, go for it. better to have more than need more later. BTW, I just bought a 32GB one. What movies program do yo use to put movies on your Ipad?
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    iPad2 - emailing photos

    I don't think so, they are just regular pics from a camera. I think my daughter was able to email to her Gmail account some pics and it worked. I don't know why it doesn't send anything even though my sent folder has it sent.
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    WiFi connection unstable

    I had the same Wi-Fi problem too, I went and reset my Wi-Fi router and everything is fine now.
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    iPad2 - emailing photos

    I just got my Ipad2 and I'm loving it :-)) We imported some pictures from our camera via adapter from Apple and it's such an awesome feature to import pics. I have try emailing some pics to a friend and it shows that it has sent the email but the friend never have received anything. Does anyone...