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    iTunes and iPhone - download question..

    Hi, If I download a song or songs onto my Ipod, using the iTunes wiki on the iPhone, does it automatically download to my CPU as well? Can I download it again for free on my CPU if it doesn't? Will the download on the iPhone sync back to the cpu? Thanks, B
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    iPhone in Tahiti?

    That's an expensive call.. But I'm looking to find out if I can call Tahiti to the USA. Thanks, B (should I pull my sim card and install it on my blackberry 8800 for the trip?)
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    iPhone in Tahiti?

    Hey everyone, I am going to Tahiti for my honeymoon next week. The island of Bora Bora, to be specific. I was wondering, will my iPhone work there? Are the calls outrageously expensive? Do I need to shut off my iPhone so I don't get some $2k bill for roaming charges? Do I need to call...
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    Can iPhone sync to .Mac without being connected to a cpu?

    If I want to have my iPhone sync to my .MAC account, without having to hook it up to a computer, can I? For example, my contacts and calendar. If I change something on my laptop, it automatically updates it on my other computers when they sync. Can I have my iPhone do this? Or can...
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    Anyone really rich own an iPhone and willing to reveal themselves?

    LOL.. I guess we should give a shout out to DJ.
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    Video encoding for iPhone

    I have some short films that are encoded in: Mpeg-4 Video, ACC Dimensions 624x368 - Am I using dimensions that are to big? both films are 15-20 minutes and are 150mg-200mg respectively B
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    Sync TV shows..

    Cool, I will try that. B
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    Sync TV shows..

    Why can I not select which episodes I want to sync. For example, I'm a South Park fan and want to have a couple episodes on my iPhone. But in the sync menu, it only lets me choose, 1) Recent 2) All 3) Unwatched Why can't I just pick the epidsodes that I want? B
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    A couple of "How To" questions..

    Ok, let me see if I got this, I can't merge the accounts on my iPhone? I have to check them separately? (That's kind of annoying), they merge on my Mac at home in MAIL.. I would like, just one inbox. I guess with the iPhone, you have to have an inbox with each mail account? Apple are...
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    A couple of "How To" questions..

    Greetings folks. Just got my iPhone yesterday. Switched over from the BB8800. So far I love it but I have a few questions. 1) Is there any way to set the phone to automatically check for email at intervals, without actually having to open the mail program? 2) I have two main email...
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    this headphone thing is obnoxious

    I understand why iPhone might have designed the earplug in this way, my brother has had two Ipods that no longer work because the plug won't stay connected to the input. - Having said that, the issue I have is, the earbud headphones start to hurt my ears after about an hour. If I'm...