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    deleting people from mail

    I have that problem with a couple email addressed I made a typo on, and now they appear as choices every time I try to email that person. I haven't figured out a way to remove them.
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    Where is the dial looking phone?

    On the keynote where Steve introduced the phone, as a joke, he showed a pic of the original iPod with a rotary dial where the scroll wheel should be. Maybe that's what you are thinking of?
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    Mail not Checking as scheduled?

    That happened to me. I rebooted the phone (hold Home and Sleep at the same time and hold them until you see the Apple logo, not just the red slider.) It's been working fine ever since I did that once.
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    What's your "WOW!" thing when you show off the iPhone?

    Different things for different people. Most everyone thinks it's awesome that you can zoom in with two fingers. Others love how to navigate through coverflow. A small number of people think it's fun to have youtube at your fingertips.
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    Anyone else have this weird icon next to their battery?

    No problem. It stands for Teletypewriter, which is what deaf or hard of hearing people can use by dialing special numbers and type instead of talk. You've probably seen those keyboards near public phones at airports, etc.
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    Anyone else have this weird icon next to their battery?

    Go to Settings, Phone, turn TTY off.
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    Anyone else experience iPhone envy from public?

    Other than one "look, he has an iPhone" that I overheard, not one has said anything and I hope it remains that way. I haven't used it in public a whole lot though.
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    What's a hard reset do exactly?

    It basically reboots your phone, just like restarting your computer. Hold those two buttons until you see the Apple log and let go. It fixed an odd problem I was having with mail.
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    first problems noticed: battery life and voice mail

    I don't turn off my Wi-Fi and I don't have any issues with my battery. Like others have mentioned in other threads, do not leave the iPhone plugged in to a sleeping computer or that will definitely drain your battery.
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    Solution: How to set up busy/no answer forwarding

    (I posted this on another forum but I thought that some may find this useful) While visual voicemail is nice, I use a 3rd party voicemail system that works better for me thanks to some of its notification features. With T-Mobile, I could easily set up my Busy/No Answer forwarding number...
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    Has your iPhone ever randomly go to the home screen? (please take poll)

    Figures, once Google Maps crashed on me once earlier today, now Safari has been crashing quite a bit while I was trying to find a local radar map.
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    Has your iPhone ever randomly go to the home screen? (please take poll)

    I was going to say no but it JUST happened to me while on google maps checking for traffic.
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    The keyboard

    I use both my thumbs and I'm typing at least as fast as I was typing on my blackberry. You just have to trust the iPhone. Type away and you'll see how even if you press the wrong letter, the right word comes out. I opened the notes app and I started typing without paying much attention to...
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    waiting for activation anyone?

    My phone was activated in less than a minute and my number ported from T-Mobile in about 20-25 minutes.
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    iPhone License Agreement

    Thank you very much for your work. I read it and I didn't see anything earth shattering on there. I wonder what the AT&T license says. Update: Just got done reading the AT&T agreement (but I didn't have the patience for screen captures, sorry.) I didn't see anything out of the ordinary...