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    Apple store or AT&T store?

    I go to best buy for most of my upgrades, mostly because I want the Reward Zone points.
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    The new windows 7 phone OS

    Variety is the spice of life. There is no fragmentation on WP7. All the initial release devices have the same screen res, the same CPU/GPS combo, the same buttons located in the same places. The only differentiating specs between devices are screen size and hardware keyboard or not. I would...
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    The new windows 7 phone OS

    Except MS put strict standards on minimum hardware. You should do a bit of research before you go off making assumptions like that.
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    Why does Microsoft do this to themselves?

    Did you really just compare a fake iPhone funeral to Al-Qaeda?
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    Biggest feature Android has over iOS Semi NSFW.
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    SECURITY ALERT:Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by millions

    And ironically, it was a mobile security application developer that brought this to light. Seems like a ploy to get their name out there. Take this with a grain of salt.
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    iPhone vs HTC & Droids

    This doesn't make sense at all. You say it's "lame" that some Android devices that wont support 2.1/2.2, but what about a first gen iPhone that won't receive 4.0? Or how about the 3G that receives a handcuffed version of 4.0? Doesn't appear to be radically different than your "lame" assault...
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    HTC EVO A Turd?

    There are two ways you can use iTunes to transfer your music to your EVO. First, create a playlist for the music you want to transfer. I do this because I have well over 20GB of music, so not all of it would fit on my Incredible, plus I don't listen to all of it anyway. Connect your phone...
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    Google voice acct

    If you don't feel like waiting, do what I did and just buy the invite on eBay. Cost me like 1.99 and the invite was sent instantly.
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    iPhone To Nexus One

    So, slow sales prove it's a flop?
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    Can I use iPhone SIM card in iPad; use tethered connection?

    You know if you buy a new SIM from your carrier they disconnect the old one, right?
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    Is the iPad Apple's Way of Killing Off the Laptop

    I agree, if it was running a lighter version of OSX (or maybe it can handle full blown OSX, I don't know) I think they would have been on to something. But as it stands now, I don't need a jumbo iPod Touch, the regular one works just fine. Plus, my netbook running UNR is perfectly capable for...
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    101 reasons iPad is fail, Go!

    Cleaning your fingerprints off the screen should be fun.
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    Basically a big iPhone

    More like an iPod Touch...
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    My iPhone to Nexus One transition

    Are you saying that you can use GV on the N1 through the OEM SMS app, and not through the GV app? If so, why can't I do that on my Droid :dft006:unhappy