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    I have to put my phone on speaker!

    this happens after i use the dynex iPhone adpater for my car. FREAKED ME THE F-OUT.
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    iPhone music through car audio perfectly

    According to the information from CES, belkin is launching the TuneCast Auto and TuneBase with compatibility for the iPhone/ipod. Should be available in Februrary
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    Amazon's new DRM-free MP3 store

    Well I like this, and I may actually start paying for music. I just got the Melbourne SD27 from Balupunkt (the one that uses SD cards w/ no CD player), and it obviously can't play DRM music, and it also can't play AAC files. So this is a good alternative. I liked their unbox to.
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    Forum and tempers

    I think it's mostly people posting the same topic 10k times, without seraching.
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    Outgoing Gmail issue

    use as your outgoing mail server if you have cingular
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    New Stock Ringtones Appeared

    I 2 have them, but I think it's from a mod.
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    Blaupunkt iPod Adapter Cable

    Anyone use Blaupunkt IPOD Adapter Cable with their iPhone to attach to their head unit. I'm purchasing the Melbourne (the one with just the SD player, no CD player) and want to know if I should order the cable now, or just wait.
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    Where do you get your music?

    limewire FTW
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    ApolloIM hits 1.0

    just freezes my iPhone....
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    just saw new iPhone on TV

    3G is completley more complex then "a software update". So no, a software update cannot, will not, be able for the current iPhone
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    Favorite iPhone formatted websites (post them here)
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    Just purchased my iPhone coming TUESDAY!

    you can email people instead, with ther that uses data, and still gets delivered to their phone. I would just spend the extra 10 to upgrade
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    Just bought Belikin Auto Kit for iPod

    No there is no issue by saying "no" to the airplane mode message. If you don't want the error message, get the DLO powerjolt for your car. Doesn't have an error message.
  14. B videos!

    correct, as that windows dominates the market for OS.
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    Is it safe to add real apps to your iPhone?

    Posted a bunch of times already.