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    How do I turn off iMessage and use regular text messages

    I have at least one person who randomly gets some of my SMS messages as iMessages and others as Text Messages. I can't figure out what makes the difference. I know I was in a weak signal area when sending at least one that went as a Text Msg, then the next one I sent (without making any...
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    Why do I have 3 Calendars?

    Is there a way to set a different default calendar so when you enter an event, it goes in the main calendar. I am having to remember to change to my primary calendar each time I enter a new event.
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    Can't change passcode time interval after reset.

    This worked perfectly for me: The fix is in this thread here, scroll down to Wegee's post: Note: when you set the auto-lock, choose the max number (5). When you set the Grace Period, also set it to max...
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    Can't change passcode time interval after reset.

    Did you ever get an answer or figure this out? I am having the same problem after doing a reset to fix other problems.
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    Using iPhone 3GS as a modem

    Upgrade to iOS ver 4.0 if you haven't already, then apply for Apple's teathering.
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    iPhone not charging?

    Did you by any chance install iOS ver 4.0 before the battery failure?