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    Fantasy Football App

    iPhone fantasy football I have been waiting for sportsline to develope a mobile site for fantasy football and I got tiered of waiting. I have developed a true iPhone/blackberry interface to work off of my fantasy site. I have made it fully functional from a smart phone. Stop by and check it...
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    Are you going to Jailbreak your 3GS?

    3gs Has the 3Gs been jailbroken yet? I haven't found anything. I need my winterboard
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    iPhone not connecting to iTunes after mod help

    not modding the choice is yours. But you are missing out on a lot of fun.
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    Update 1.01 summarized in one post...

    problems I also just noticed that my music stops every now and then when I am using Safari
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    iPhone not connecting to iTunes after mod help

    modding modding is a way of life and updates are only temporary set backs. No one wants to have the same phone given to you in military fashion. Be different! Mod mod mod
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Reset did you do a hard reset until it said connect to iTunes? Copy your iTunes library to a folder then un install iTunes re install iTunes do a hard reset and connect to the computer using your dock
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    jailbreak trouble

    jailbreak I was having problems with jail break after the update, but it works now. What did I do? I kept trying and trying for about a day and a half. I uninstalled reinstalled wiped my hard drive reinstalled windows and none of this worked. So I kept drinking and drinking and forgot to...
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    Update 1.01 summarized in one post...

    no change I haven't had any difference in the sound and safari still crashes. My phone seems like it is the same after the update.
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    Icon Help

    thanks thanks a lot. I am going to read it and give it atry
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    Icon Help

    Can somone tell me if it is possible to create an icon from a picture I have of my GSXR using photoshop? Also this is my first day using photoshop and I have been doing research trying to find a way that I can do this. I am looking for a guide that somone like myself who has no experience and...
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    Worked before the Update but not anymore!

    I have it! Well I did everything from unistalling iTunes to reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows, but it turns out all I needed was about 15 BEERS. Call it a stupid mistake. I unchecked auto sync and forgot to close iTunes. iTunes was minimized and I did CMD>phonedmg>Jailbreak...
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    Worked before the Update but not anymore!

    yep done that to. Can anyone tell me why AppleMobileDeviceService.exe keeps starting itself in the task manager every minute?
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    Worked before the Update but not anymore!

    same problem I am having the same problem. I have been trying all day long. I have tried 2 different computers, uninstalled iTunes and phonedmg folder jailbreak and reeinstalled each time and restored the phone each time. I have redone the folder from the begging and have added the new...
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    modding multiple iPhones

    thanks First off let me say thanks, because if it weren't for people like you I would be stuck with Apples stupid ringtones. I was able to mod my phone and put ringtones on it the first time. I want to try wall paper and other things, but I am still a little confused (it doesn't take much)...