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    iOS 5 Released!

    I know people were having trouble downgrading from iOS 5 betas, but a redmondpie post here implies that you can downgrade as long as you have your SHSH blobs backed up. I want to hop on the 5.0 bandwagon, with the option of running back to 4.3.3 when I get scared. Anyone had any luck...
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    I need a program to get my music and pictures off my iPod touch

    I have not used it with an iPod Touch, but take a look at Senuti (iTunes backwards). It was worked great for my iPod video for music and movies, I would assume it can transfer pictures as well.
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    FC: SafariDL - Download Files with Safari (Video Included)

    What happened to MNP Back when the first Safari download plugin came out I used to use Move N Play to import downloaded audio files into the iPod application. It could also save On-the-go playlists within the iPod app. I just checked to see if it was compatible with 1.1.4, but the source didn't...
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    AppleTV plunge

    video for Apple tv and iPhone I've had a question about video encoding for a while and I thought this might be a proper forum. I have been ripping my DVDs onto my external HD with handbrake. I've been formatting them for the iPhone, but I am thinking about buying an Apple tv and I figure...
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    Sync from External Hard Drive

    In on a mac and have no issues syncing from and external drive. I assume you have iTunes set up to play music from the external, correct?
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    Dumb Question re: Email Settings

    Are you sure you downloaded the Application Pack for the iPod Touch 1.1.3 or did you just update to 1.1.3? You can update your touch to 1.1.3 firmware without paying the 20 dollars for the application pack, which is what i assume you did if you have not set up an iTunes account. If you...
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    Touchpad: Turns your iPhone into a wireless trackpad/keyboard!

    What did you end up using for the VNC settings? Also, are you on leopard?
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    Symlinks and memory space.

    True, you should handle this one 666... after all you taught me everything that i know about symlinks.
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    Symlinks and memory space.

    I only know how to do it on a Mac, if you have one of those things then i can help you. If not someone else will have to step up.
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    When did you buy your iPhone?

    Nobody is excluded. If you got your iPhone 'before the drop' you would be in the 'iDay - Price Drp category (you bought the phone sometime in between iDay and the price drop.
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    When did you buy your iPhone?

    Its been a while since iDay and I thought it'd be interesting to see the spread of iPhone purchases since its release. I figured the major dividing points could be: a) iDay: June 29th purchases only. b) iDay - Price Drop c) Price Drop - Holiday Season d) Holiday Season - Memory Increase...
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    Symlinks and memory space.

    Well, with the help of 666 I created some symlinks from /var/root/..... to var/mobile/..... to get summerboard and customize themes, NES games, etc. from installer to properly display. But then i thought, why not just directly symlink. So i deleted everything in /var/root/Library and then...
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    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    Well, I finally got it working from some help over at the MMi forums. If anyone else is having trouble ssh-ing into their phone using terminal in mac, type the following: rm /Users/[Your User Name]/.ssh/known_hosts into the terminal. This basically forces SSH to recreate a known_hosts...
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    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    Yes, SSH is installed, and working, and turned on using netservices. I can connect using cyberduck. In Mac OS 10.5.1 my terminal window gives me this: Last login: Tue Feb 12 17:28:51 on ttys000 steve-xxxx-computer:~ SteveO$ ssh root@192.168.x.x...
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    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    I'm having no luck trying to ssh into my phone. Are you referring to the terminal application in Mac or the Term-v100 app for the iPhone. I have not had luck with either. i get the following when i log into Term-v100 Password: alpine Login Incorrect Login: ssh root@192.168.xx...