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    Lifeproof case

    I use LifeProof and love it. Very important for my line of work (Stevedore). Got caught in a nasty T-Storm and the only thing I wasn't worried about was my iPhone! Brian
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    Post screen shots of your BEST battery usage 5.0.1

    Just a little bit!
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    Post screen shots of your BEST battery usage 5.0.1

    Yeah, no complaints so far. Still seems to drain fast at first but slows down as the day goes on. I think without all the standby time I'd prob get 7hrs usage. Pretty good.
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    Apple TV vs. Roku

    AirVideo is a great app!
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    iPhone 4 says 100% charge, but it depeletes

    Did you restore from backup or setup as new. Might be a corrupted backup. I would try the restore again.
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    Mophie Juice Pack Air lover

    I like it. I use it almost everyday. Gets my phone to about 80% from 20%. I had an incase powerslider for my 3G and it would get pretty hot. The Mophie stays nice and cool. Just a quality case.
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    Screen Films or protectors

    I use power support anti-glare HD.
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    Text sounds

    Yes but it's so worth it! Besides this is what us men love to do. Impress you with our gadget skills. If you decide to dive deeper into jailbreaking these boards will help. It won't take long:-) Brian
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    Text sounds

    He might have meant unlocked it. You can jailbreak it yourself with Just type it into safari and it will tell you what to do. I jailbroke my girlfriends phone just because she wanted a different SMS tone too. Glad to try and help. I learned a lot just by reading these boards...
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    Text sounds

    My apologies. Yes, Cydia is an app. It should have been installed when you jailbroke your phone. It's the brown app with an open box on it. You'll need Winterboard to run the new sound on your phone so, open the app and do a search for Winterboard download it then tap packages. Scroll...
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    Text sounds

    You could just look around Cydia in Themes(SMS).
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    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    Maybe this pic you can see the dock.