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    3G iPhone Video Conferencing will be $10 a month will you still get?

    I'm not sure I'd pay anything for that feature.
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    iPhone has lost all sound.....PLEASE HELP

    This worked for me! Thanks for the tip. It worked great for me! That was driving me crazy! AJ
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    WOW! iPhone Pc Suite ! amazing!

    Thanks for the link! I gave it a shot, and installed customize and springboard. When I went to un-install them, it made my phone hang at the Apple logo. I'm currently having to do a restore! I'm not sure if this is an isolated thing, but just wanted to let everyone know my experience! AJ
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    How do I remove Icons from the home screen?

    Hi there! I just installed springboard along with customize and I have 2 pages of icons (scrolling left and right) How do I remove unwanted icons? (ie fieldtest, demoapp) Also, how do you arrange the icons ? Thanks in advance! Blooz
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    iSkin Revo

    Sendit back! Hmm...I would send that one back. Mine came in on Friday and thought it is not straight all the way across the top of the phone, it definitely is flush against the top of the phone. If yours is like that all of the time, then I would think it's defective. Thanks for the pics...
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    iPhone survives two- story fall!

    Wrist strap for iPhone I'm not sure about a "wrist strap", but I purchased an iSkin Revo case from and purchased a lanyard that plugs into the bottom of the iPhone.
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    So you want to open your iPhones case?

    LOL :laugh2: Thanks, but no thanks!
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Shipped!

    Apple BT I'm also waiting for a few reviews. I've already had the Jawbone and it wasn't very comfortable. I hope the Apple BT is a better fit!
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    iPhone Screen Protector

    There are a bunch out there. I bought the protector from bestskinsever and it works great. It looks as though no matter where you buy it, it will end up costing you around $14-15 shipped. Hope this helps! Blooz
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    what color iskin revo did you get?

    I ordered the blade color. I just hope it's more dark blue than the "purple" color it appears to be in the photos!
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    How do you delete photos....

    I believe you just tap the photo once and it brings up options on the bottom of the photo. One of them is trash can. You just click the trash can and the photo is deleted!
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    Jawbone "Noise Shield" versus the Apple "iPhone Bluetooth Headset"

    I've got experience with the Jawbone. First off, The noise reducing technology is fantastic. It really does what it says it does. I returned mine because I didn't find the over-the-ear fit very comfortable. I'm waiting for the Apple bluetooth to come in stock and I'll give that one a try...
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    Don't trust those "protective" cases...

    Incase rubber scratches iPhone ? Sorry to hear about your case problems! I purchased an incase yesterday and upon reading your post, took mine off. Everything looks ok. I wonder if something other than dust got under the case?
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    Will it Blend - iPhone

    Man...I'd be sick to my stomach if I didn't already have one. I did pay attention to how long the screen took to be demolished.