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    edge down?

    3g and edge are down for me in houston as well, hopefully they get this resolved asap.
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    AT&T Service in Texas - Austin & Houston

    Data is down for me today in houston, i can make phone calls but cannot access the internet on edge or on 3g. Other than today i have never had a single problem with the att's network.
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    Yahoo push not working?

    Mine has been working perfect for a few days now and i just tested it right now, seems to still be working, hopefully it stays this way.
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    Yahoo push not working?

    I'm trying out mobileme right now and I havnt had any issues with not getting pushed emails. It works great not sure if its worth 99 dollars a year though, i'll see how i feel after my 2 month trial is over.
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    Setting up iPhone to receive e-mail from a secure Outlook work account

    I have my work exchange set up on my iPhone and it works flawlessly. I used the info in this thread for help on setting it up.
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    Yahoo push not working?

    This didn't work for me, i still have to manually check in order to receive it. This is really getting old, my work exchange account pushes just fine, i get emails on my phone before i get them in outlook. Its just strange it worked perfectly fine for months and all of a sudden it stopped working.
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    Yahoo push not working?

    So i noticed that my yahoo mail wasn't being pushed a couple days ago, i tested it today and it still isn't working, it was working just fine before. Has anyone else experienced problems?
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    Incase Slider Case available

    i just got this case a few days ago and im loving it, it did make my anti-glare screen protector bubble up though, i took it off in the mean time, im gonna try to reapply it.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.2 Discussion

    my 3g reception has improved since this update, i have a constant 5 bars of 3g reception, i never had that before the update. My text still lags every once in a while, not often though.