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    Bluetooth connection?

    Had trouble yesterday but everything is connected right today.
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    iPhone 4 Bluetooth problem with 2009 BMW

    After much trouble yesterday, the connection has been rock solid today. Not sure what was going on but it seems to have repaired itself.
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    iPhone 4 Bluetooth problem with 2009 BMW

    Picked up my iPhone 4 today and immediately paired it with my 2009 BMW with iDrive. The connection to the car drops avery few minutes. Sometimes it comes back by itself and other times I need to turn BT off and back on again. Then it will drop again. I had -0- problems with my iPhone 3G or 3GS...
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    SIM Card swap to a RAZR phone, need help please

    No extra charges at all. It still works fine every time I swap out the SIM card. I have not been using the RAZR much lately, because it's a "golf bag" phone mostly and golf season is over up here until spring. When I do swap to the RAZR, I immediately miss the functionality of my iPhone.
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    Passcode lock

    So... I HOPE a restore does not work. (sorry to the OP) If it did, what would prevent anyone from stealing an iPhone and doing a restore of their own? My desire would be to disable the phone entirely if a restore was attempted. Only Apple Support should be able to allow a restore or a password...
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    Broken iPhone screen

    :laugh2: My 16gb white iPhone slipped off of a radiator and landed face down onto a tile floor. It was one of those "slow motion" moments where you see it happening but are powerless to stop it. When I picked it up, there were cracks all in the area above the LCD. The phone functioned properly...
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    Sync iPhone with iCal on computer's a SYNC, which means that it should take current data from both and sync them. That being said, in iTunes, you can force it one way or the other manually. After that, it should sync both devices.
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    Small Cracks

    Interesting thread. I noticed a tiny crack today in the white plastic right around the sound on/off switch. This concerns me greatly, as I don't want it to lead to a bigger crack, or others elsewhere on the case. I assumed that Apple would not replace for this but I'll give it a shot nex time...
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    What service did you leave?

    I also left Sprint and was a happy Sprint customer. AT&T service is good for me, but Sprint was actually better, especially in Newport, RI where I spend a lot of time.
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    SIM Card swap to a RAZR phone, need help please

    It began working again and has worked perfectly since I updated this post.
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    friends 3G iPhone lost audio

    One other thing to check...sometimes, dust and or lint can get into the headphone jack. This will kill ALL sound through the phone but callers will still hear you. Try some compressed air in the headphone hole and see if something comes out of there.
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    EDGE Down

    Connecticut was out nearly all day
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    Anybody got a Apple 3G phone and dock clock radio? and Jailbreak query !

    There's not much to tell. Everything works as advertised with the iPhone 3G.
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    iPhone speakers

    Know IS funny. As soon as I read the first reply I thought to myself "You IDIOT, of course it's a microphone." Hey, live and learn.:tounge:
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    Anybody got a Apple 3G phone and dock clock radio? and Jailbreak query !

    I have the iHome ip47br. It's great and works well. Also has bluetooth to use it as a speakerphone.