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    MMS is out right now

    Started working for me beginning this week on 3.1 beta 3. When you update to 3.1 mms camera icon disappears. When you install the att_us.ipcc file it comes back. My settings say att5.1. Just checked and still working. A couple co-workers are working also after I helped them install .ipcc...
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    My camera disappeared in mms after update. I had it on 3.1 beta 3. Anyone else ?
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    Does anyone have the .ipcc working file with voicemail activated ?
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    This update disables mms that I had with 3.1 beta 3. You need to install .ipcc file.
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    My MMS is working!

    My mms has started working this morning in thousand oaks ca . I have 3.1 beta 3.
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    MMS for Dev's before general public?

    I did the sim in another type of phone trick discussed many times before. I then put the sim back into iPhone with the 3.1 Beta2 software.I could send for about 1 hour then no more. I used to be able to do this for longer before 1~2 days.
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    iPhone Developer Site Update

    Tried to log into my Apple developer connection account. Said it is being updated. Beta 3 maybe. It has been 2 weeks.
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    iPhone 3.0 beta 2 OUT!

    I had that too. I put the sim into another phone and then again into the iPhone and it (call forward icon) disappeared. How did you get the battery % indicator ?
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    iPhone 3.0 MMS on AT&T

    Did you try rebooting ? Mine stopped after a reboot it worked.
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    Official 3.0 Beta bug list

    Could someone please put all the bugs in one list. So we can forward to Apple. I would do it but I have no time.
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    iPhone 3.0 MMS on AT&T

    Mine too as of this morning.
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    iPhone 3.0 MMS on AT&T

    Works again. Rebooted phone. Whew !:smile:
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    iPhone 3.0 MMS on AT&T

    Mine stopped working today too !
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    MMS now working on AT&T.

    I talked to ATT. MMS is included in a text messaging plan I have the $5 200 message plan.
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    iPhone 3.0 MMS on AT&T

    I contacted ATT and they set the flag on my account to MMS=yes. They said it was okay. I told them I was using the 3.0 beta. Guys please don't shoot the messenger. It works on my phone. I just wanted to share it with you. You use at your own risk. You need to contact ATT to enable MMS before it...