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    Bug Reporting: iOS 5 Betas.

    The bugs that I've experienced with my IPad 2, are that sometimes the notifications won't show up at all in the notification banner, and the IPad 2 will shut off by itself, and I have to hold down the power button and the bottom middle button for a while for it to turn back on. Sent from my...
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    Get iPhone 4S or wait for iPhone 5 w/ 4G?

    If you can wait, get the LTE iPhone next year. LTE is just leaps and bounds better than everything else out there. However, that's a very long wait, and I'm sure that they iPhone 4S will be awesome, as the iPhone 4 for ATT and Verizon are both awesome. Sent from my iPad 2 using Tapatalk
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    Verizon iPhone Battery Questions

    Yeah, the battery isn't as easily replaceable as it is with most smartphones, but battery life on the iPhone has been better than just about any other smartphone that I've used, and Apple support is great. They will replace your phone if there is something wrong with the battery, while it's...
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    iPhone questions from an interested, clueless person

    Thanks, just comparing many of the things that I enjoy with my Android phones, and wanted to know if I could do it all with a jail-broken iPhone. If so, I'm definitely gonna try it if it comes to VZW.
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    iPhone questions from an interested, clueless person

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about trying the iPhone if it comes to VZW this year. I've used every smartphone os available on the US market, except for WebOs. I owned the original iPhone, but returned it within the first month due to issues with the phone and AT&T. The things that I didn't/don't...