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    Project for ya'll: slide button to unlock phone color change

    Alright tried adding the red slider button and somehow I have no slider button at all now. Any one have any ideas how to fix this?
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    Album Art/Cover Flow Glitch?

    My cover flow will leave out entire albums, I have to go in find a song from the album then it adds the album to the very end of cover flow out of alphabetical order. Hopefully Apple gets these glitches fixed with the first update
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    Picture ID when Receiving a call?

    yes, just tried using a pic from the phone and it came up full screen. Deleted the picture from my contact and then put a picture into my address book on my mac and uploaded to the phone and called the contact and got a tiny picture.
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    Picture ID when Receiving a call?

    I believe if you uploaded a picture from your address on your mac or pc then it will be tiny, if you took the picture on the phone and set it as a picture ID then it will be full screen. That is the conclusion I have come to so far, correct me if im wrong
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    Im with you, coming up on 48 hrs at 7 tonight. This is pure BS! Just talked to Apple and they said they sold 3 times the amt of phones they thought they would sell resulting in slow activation times. WTF :angry:
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    Its now been 42 hrs and my iPhone still doesn't work! Just got a new SIM and got the same message. I'm ready to kill someone
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    If you can't activate get a new SIM from AT&T!

    anyone know what will happen if i trying putting my old sim card into the iPhone and trying to activate that? I don't believe that the problem is the sim cards being bad because I can take out my iPhone sim and use it in my pearl. So if i try to activate the iPhone with my old sim maybe it would...
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    Chicago - Activiating iPhone

    Same here, you may be waiting awhile:embarrassed:
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    Did they ACTIVATE your phone?

    yes your old phone will work with iPhone sim, you just need a paper clip to pop the sim tray out of the iPhone
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    Did they ACTIVATE your phone?

    im going on 21 hrs here! Interesting though i pulled out my sim in the iPhone to use in my pearl so I could make calls, when i put the sim back into the iPhone i got a message saying i had a new voice mail. But the phone was still staying Activate iPhone
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    Same here, I keep getting bounced over to the Apple people and they keep sending me back to att saying that att is very swamped with activation problems. Maybe att or Apple should put up a statement on their website letting those of us who cant get our phones to work know what is going on.
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    iTunes never completed order to finish activation!

    iPhone tech support line is not open right now! Got a message saying please call back during regular businesss hrs but then was never told what they were
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    Cingular Blackberry to AT&T iPhone... possible activation issue identified...

    14 hrs here and I am switching from a bb data plan. Calling att right now
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    waiting for activation anyone?

    Second that. They should have posted a disclaimer stating that activation could take up to 12 hrs!
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    waiting for activation anyone?

    Going on 3 hours here, anyone know if we have to keep it plugged into your computer?