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    trying to find the proper way to upgrade to 1.1.1 with a jailbroken 1.02 phone I did it because i wanted the update that i think was inevitable at some point. The process wasn't to hard and im back to running all my apps and i like the horizontal scrolling springboard i have now...
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    WinSCP sucks. Anyone have an alternate?

    ABSOLUTELY no issues with it here..
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    Web Apps v Installed Apps: PLEASE VOTE

    I totally prefer native apps and there are more and more every day it seems. My biggest bit-- when i got the phone was no IM app... i now have a very functional native IM app in AppolIM...
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    Podcast formatting question

    No, this is downloading them on my puter then converting them and moving them into the phone via iTunes
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    Just an update... i was able to rip a DVD using Handbrake and it played fine. Anyone else downloading youtube vids via a mac and getting them to play in the ipod section of your iPhone?
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    Podcast formatting question

    Im having a similar problem but ot with podcasts. Im having it with Youtube vids just getting audio and no video. I have all things set correct but just cant seem to get the phone to show video
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    Unfortunealtey.. all the above are done and still no video. Audio is just fine though.
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    SlingPlayer for iPhone?

    If so, it will be great on WiFi but the Edge network will SUCK for the slingbox...
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    Hiya folks.. for some reason on any video i convert with any program to either mp4 or H.264 or even an "iPhone" i get audio and NO video.. Cant figure out what the issue is. These are flv conversions. haven't tried a DVD rip yet but since it will rip to mp4 im guessing ill have the same prob. It...
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    Podtube not displaying

    OK.. so i know how to download from youtube to mp4 format. How can i convert mp4 to H.264 to put on the phone? Im using a Mac by the way..
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    Podtube not displaying

    Hey there. Since there arent many Youtube vids available yet i decided i would try a program like Podtube to download youtube vids to watch on my iTunes and my iPod. It works fine on both the Mac and iPod.. its not displaying the video on the iPhone though.. the audio is working fine... the vids...
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    Porting phone # a month after activation?

    I recently did this and ATT is a mess. The first call they told me I would have to return the phone and get a new one.. I knew that was ridiculous and called the local ATT store. They gave me another number to call and the girl had it done in ten minutes.. Keep in mind though that your old...
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    this headphone thing is obnoxious

    it took me all of 3 minutes to shave off a lil plastic from my headphones
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    Sending a picture to your iPhone?

    No way to save attachments yet..... go figure. I hope to see this real soon in an update. Another silly oversight
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    If the iPhone were at 100% how would you feel?

    I don't think i would be satisfied... There are a few features that this phone simply "should" have...