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    So, what is the status with MMS?

    This waiting around games suc*s for MMS...... I'm always wanting to send someone photos ive taken through MMS. BUt no you have to do it through email. I receive all kinds of MMS's as well and i always have to go online and type is some crazy azz user ID and log into to see what someone has...
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    3GS won't charge on car charger

    NICE! i'll have to hit up frys then.... $10 is a good price and ill have it right then, plus it just gives me a good reason to wonder around fry's for a couple hours... hahahaha
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    Map doesn't rotate

    FYI I just figured out if you open the map and hold crosshair location button for a moment it will rotate the map to the direction you are facing!
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    Map doesn't rotate

    That is a pretty sweet fuction for someone that can't comprehend which way you are going or if you do get lost. I like my map to stay facing north though, of course now that i know about this feature i'll probably start using it also and probably to start to like it.. CaliPhone i take you just...
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    Why The iPhone 3G S May Be A Sucker’s Bet

    If you're that hard pressed to upgrade your 3G to the 3GS then buy the 3GS for $399 and sell your old 3G on ebay. Unlock and Jailbreak it and you will get between $300 and $400, atleast thats what they are going for right now. I was able to upgrade to the 3GS from my 2G and unlocked and...
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    3GS won't charge on car charger

    So i had the 2G iPhone and sold it and upgraded to the new 3GS and the car charger i have for the original will not work with my new 3GS? Gives an error saying "device can't charge with this accessory. It is a cheapo car charger from ebay, but still it should charge my new phone don't you think...
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    Customize 2.0.0B9 is in Installer now!

    Do you have to unistall customize to install the new customize 2.0.0b9?
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    What happened to maxim weather?

    Anyone know what happened to maxim hottie weather? When i click on my homescreen button it takes me maxim mobile web, and know where in there is the maxim weather. Did they cut the hottie weather off or what? Anyone know?
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    How many have not modded or unlocked your iPhone?

    I've had my iPhone since last nov. or dec. i don't remember when i got it, but i said i probably wouldn't jailbreak my phone like most people. Till yesterday i was bored and DL ziPhone and jailbroke it.... Wow i doesn't get any easier with that program. Trust me, if you haven't jailbroke your...
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    Will you be getting the 16 gig iPhone

    ya definitely going to stick with the 8g till gen2 comes out with a 32g and 3g! At least I hope it will come with a 32g by then.
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    2 more features not mentioned in 1.1.3

    yes no kidding i'm sure some college student could send out over 1000 sms, but dang 75,000! Thats over the top, like you my as well tell the call feature off your phone if you're going to text that much... MMS would have been way better than adding in 75,000 sms
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    What's your ringtone?

    I use Simpsons theme. Or a clip from south park movie where they keep saying the F word in mr. Garison's class then he yells at mr. garison to suck my balls through the loud speaker. Talk about funny crap... Just have to watch it sometimes when little kids are around!
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    SMS tone changing!

    yes i definitely don't want a full ringtone as my SMS tone.. I don't know about the rest of you i make all my own ringtones from my mp3's. I would obviously find some short tones on the interenet and add to my ringtone list to use for SMS only.
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    New headphones

    Youngbinks sorry to tell you this, but i ordered mine in the morning and i received an email that afternoon saying there were shipped already.. I ordered right off I'd be calling them asking for a refund on your shipping at least. Goodluck whatever happens
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    Steve's Keynote in 60 Seconds

    haha you and me both... I watched the live blog of it yesterday, this little 60 sec video makes its kinda funny to..