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    Why 9 min?

    I just have one curiosity this morning. I'm using iPhone's alarm for waking up every morning. I like to set the alarm one hour earlier than the time that I have to wake up. Therefore, I set the alarm at 6:00 AM for every weekdays because I have to wake up at least 7:00 AM. At 6:00 AM, iPhone...
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    Report your 1.1.3. jailbreak update here

    Visual Voice Mail I just finished jailbreak my iPhone. I bought mine on launching day, and I had problem before 1.1.3 jailbreak method released but after 1.1.3 firmware came out. Therefore, I had to restore my iPhone and I had 1.1.3 iPhone. I did downgrade to 1.1.2 which you can find the...
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    1.1.3 jailbroken!

    What? Oh my god, hardware modification? I bought my iPhone on the launching day, and I was on the 1.1.2 jailbroken. However, I got fatal error yesterday and I had to restore my iPhone. Therefore, I have 1.1.3 firmware now. So, I was wating for the news about jailbreaking 1.1.3, and I...
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    horizontal texts?

    Can you Can you tell us how to do that?
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    please~! upload your keyboard artwork file~!

    Hi guys.. (& gals..) I had a problem. I tried to change iPhone's keyboard artwork file because I'm a Korean and want to use Korean on the iPhone. There is the method to use Korean that developed by unknown Korean user. However, I couldn't memorized the Korean keyboard. So I tried to change the...
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    Can anyone confirm this about 1.1.2?

    I think I found new default ringtones, but I'm not sure that it was added on 1.1.2 or 1.1.1. I did update today to 1.1.2 and I could see more ringtones in Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone. There are some unfamiliar ringtones Which are Bell Tower, Old Phone, Piano Riff, Pinball, Sonar, and Timba...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    That is Customize app feature. If you want to use this, you have to install newest Customize app. If you use rSBT, you have to delete it first and download Customize. The newest Customize has rSBT in the Customize app. If you use more than 16 icons, Customize will make one more page. And you...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Windows XP I made this one... Start button is not working..
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    Found International Keyboard on 1.1.1 iPhone

    More screen shots here More screen shots here..
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    Found International Keyboard on 1.1.1 iPhone

    I'm sorry if this was already posted. I succeed jailbreak my 1.1.1 iPhone yesterday night, and I found international option was in the "M68AP.plist" But this option was set to false, so I changed to true. Then I could found international option was activated under General setting. FYI ...
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    Guide: "Easy" Jailbreak 1.1.1 without restoring to 1.0.2 (Windows!)

    I have trouble.. I have a trouble.. Please help me. I went to with Safari on my 1.1.1 iPhone, and I could see Safari can't run the page and go to home screen. I heard that it's normal. However, the problem is next step. (I have .Net Framework 2.0) When I run the...
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    Jailbreak Released by the Dev Team!

    I assumed that it would be "log" but how can I log in? I tried ssh -l root and I could get into the iPhone. however, how can I run springpatch or springboard? I thought "$ springpatch" was the command for running springpatch, but it was not. thereforee, I'm stuck in that...
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    Jailbreak Released by the Dev Team!

    I followed I followed this method but I couldn't understand the last part which is.. STEP 6: PATCHING SPRINGBOARD The new version of SpringBoard has been hard-coded to allow only factory applications to run. We've coded up a patcher that will fix this "bug", and back up your original...
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    Jailbreak and installed AppTap on 1.1.1!

    Question again. Actually, I'm following this method. On the installing SSH part, how can I know iPhone's IP address? I tried to this. I connected my iPhone via wirelss to my router, and I could see the ip address on iPhone in the Wi-Fi setting menu. Then I typed this ip address, but terminal...
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    Jailbreak and installed AppTap on 1.1.1!

    I don't understand. I don't understand one thing. At the beginning, he mentioned "Do not use iNdependence for activation." However, on the step for install SSH, he's asking to use iNdependence and activate it. Is it safe? I don't want to have brick.