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    Do you guys use a case?

    I have gone through probably 50 cases and none of them I have liked, the only on that came close is the Incase slider. But other than that I have kept my iPhone with out a case. The only time I will put the good ole Otterbox on is when I go out hunting, fishing, riding or stuff like that. So to...
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    Obsessed with iPhone 4 cases

    Do you still have it?
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    In praise of the humble Incase Slider

    I am going to get a new case for my iPhone tomorrow. I want an Incase Slider, but having difficulties deciding what color. Any suggestions?
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    Has anyone got this free text?

    No, but one of my friends got it. Are you jailbroken?
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    Best Case for Traveling

    Ya, my iPhone is usually naked. So I want a case just incase I drop it on the stone walk ways. Nothing super chunky or expensive.
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    Best Case for Traveling

    I am going to be going to Italy in April and I am wondering what the best case will be for traveling? Any suggestions?
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    Signatures in texts

    No this only works when you send an email.
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    Flash not working properly

    Try going into Apple and ask them. It shouldn't be dim. How long have you had your phone?
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    Flash not working properly

    If your battery is low sometimes I noticed t will be very dim. But if your battery is above like 10% then it shouldn't be a dim.
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    I really don't like voice control.

    I was having this problem with my Voice Control and I just reset my iPhone and it is working perfectly.
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    Why do so many Android users hate on the iPhone?

    They hate the iPhone because they know it's better.
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    Who else is selling their iPad?

    I too bought mine at Target what was their policy and what did you say when you returned it?
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    Griffin Reveal Frame

    I have the Candyshell, but after about a month of using it. The rubber edges started to peel really bad and it made the case look terrible. If you know any way to fix that, it would be great.
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    Griffin Reveal Frame

    I have been looking for the perfect case since I got my iPhone on release day. I have had probably 15 different cases I none of them I truly loved. Then finally yesterday I was at Target and I saw one. The Griffin Reveal Frame, it is like the Reveal but has no plastic clear back. It is somewhat...