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  • I've been wonderful, thank you! We sure have missed you around here. What's new? How's the family?
    Always around? It's been over two weeks since you were here. Come back. I'm back.
    Stop hiding!!
    I love eiC!!!!
    The wind in Toronto today is crazy!!! Thank God I don't have hair....
    Stuffy, hot, humid and raining in Toronto.
    Getting acquainted with the new far looks great
    I'm just glad I wasn't there. It's would have been terrible.

    Just getting on with things.

    I appreciate the message.

    Thanks mate.

    Still guniely gutted, just waiting on the date of the funeral.

    The bloke who did it, I've worked with for 3 years. I cannot believe he would do such a thing.
    Ohhh lol. I thought that may be it. But usually report means you would get in trouble. Didn't want that haha
    Awesome. Hey this is bugging me. How do I select posts to "approve" My Notifications says 2 Unapproved visitor messages
    Oh yeah it is in Toronto, Birmingham St.- I always stay in the city and someone else drives to the plant, didn't realize it was still considered Toronto lol - We used to have one in Listowell also but it closed down recently. Really small world!
    Monroe Township as in Williamstown? My mother has been a teacher at Williamstown Middle School and Radix Elemtary for the last 28 years. I grew up in Winslow and recently bought a house in Pine Hill NJ. Toronto is awesome. I travel there for work a good amount. I work for Campbell Soup and the plant we have in Canada is not too far from Toronto. Also my best friend currently and growing up is from Chatham, Ontario - right outside of Michigan. So we have had our share of roadtrips up that way.
    We all make mistakes, it's life.

    PkgBackup is a very good Cydia App. When I updated to 4.2.1 from 4.1 my backup through PkgBackup was corrupt, I lost everything I had previously had. I wish I knew about the Dropbox feature...

    Aptbackup I've not personally ever used, it had mixed ratings so I went for PkgBackup instead.

    At least you've finally got everything sorted, that's the main thing :)
    I couldn't tell you... If you get it at midnight, I'll get it the around 6AM Monday morning :(
    You're most welcome, man. Good luck.
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