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    Orb live question

    I think you're looking for this. They also have an iPhone ver if you're jailbroken.
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    An absolute MUST have game for the iPhone

    This would get you a ban on some sites. So lame.
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    Whose still on 1.0.2?

    Still on 1.0.2,not upgrading any soon maybe if 1.1.4 introduces something groundbreaking.
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    This to do while waiting for EDGE to load a webpage

    run to the nearest Wifi spot.
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    Anyone else nervous about Skype becoming popular and slowing down our EDGE?

    Skype has nothing to do with how shitty EDGE is. Why are we even talking about EDGE ,we need a wifi around every corner its fucking 2007! Every time I use Edge in my area I just want to slam my iPhone against the wall.
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    Some cash always helps :laugh2:
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    Skype and Soonr Problem

    I'm lost here. and install Soonr 2.make a Soonr account Soonr program and Skype 4.leave your PC working 5.Login to on your iPhone 6.Make calls I was able to make calls using Wifi and EDGE
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    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    I think you need a girlfriend.
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    Skype and Soonr Problem

    This is how Soonr works.Read the article.
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    Skype on iPhone, almost there...

    This is not the same thing.
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    Skype on iPhone, almost there...

    I use this and it works very good even over EDGE.I call my friends in Europe for about 4c a min not bad if you ask me. Few thing you need to know is that your PC+Skype+soonr need to be running and this method calls you phone so you're using credits for Skype dialing your number.There is a 30$...
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    Weigh in on web apps

    I don't understand why people complain about the iPhone.If you're filthy rich and like to spend money of useless things I got you,but before I buy a 500-600$ toy I do a research and know exactly what I'm getting.iPhone is everything they said it would be plus a lot more.I find out new tricks...
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    WebVNC - Remote Desktop / VNC on your iPhone

    Nice of you to give credit,I knew it wasn't you who made it.
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    You and your iPhone pics WARNING(iPhone users many images)

    Don't say much just put a shirt on next time when you post your picture.
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    Thanks ,that makes me feel a little better for ordering this product.