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    List your top 3 favorite Apps that others may not know about

    Mobile Mouse - for controlling your mac with your iPhone - can use the touchscreen as a mouse. IMDb - syncs with your account and is easy to use. Photosynth - super easy panorama photo taking.
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    Looking for a password keeper/manager

    Check out Tap Forms. They have a free version that is limited to about 15 entries. It's very flexible and expandable. Has encryption options too.
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    Can anyone introduce some new games to me..?

    Penny Time is a pretty cool skating game. You have to do tricks timed to the music/scenery.
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    Play music and games simultaneously?

    Ask the developer if their app supports it. You can find developer support links at the bottom of app listings on the app store.
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    It comes tomorrow :)

    OLO is a nice 2 player game, and Tiny Wings HD too.
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    iPhone Stolen

    Yes my homeowners insurance covers person items even if they're stolen while away from the house. Some policies do, some don't. Ask yours.