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  • Not sure how to send you a PM concerning the redeem code for the Words With Friends app. Please advise
    Hi Chris, quick question, when is the app getting fixed? I can not do anything on it, and its telling me I am not logged in...I miss my Eic! Hope all is well
    just a thought. might want to change the iPhone 5 section to the iPhone 4s section. :)
    Hello Chris,

    Sorry to bother you I know your busy with the site...I just thought of this idea about a new topic area for the Macbook, Macbook Pro's. The topic area should be called Accessories for the Macbook & Macbook Pro's.

    - Jamie
    Just wanted to give you a heads up- and this might be me- But I cannot seem to use the back button on the site. It just hangs. All other links work fine, but If I am looking at my watched thread list and click one, read it/comment it, and then hit the back button, it just hangs. Nothing happens. I have to click on Watched threads again to get back.
    I'm using Google Chrome 14.0.835.94 beta-m on Win 7 Pro, 64-bit
    Hi Chris. I submitted a how-to on the guest blog at least a week ago and it hasn't been published yet. Does it typically take this long?
    Getting ready for the podcast. Well, actually getting a P90 workout in, then getting ready.
    Wife found a bee in the house. Let's hope he didn't invite any friends over. Still a mystery how he found his way inside the house.
    Wiped out over 16,000 spammers today. I'd say that's a day's work. It's entirely normal to do P90x at 10:45 at night right?
    Finally mowed my lawn. Tried unsuccessfully to kill my lawnmower by running over branches, but to no avail.
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