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    Today is a greasy cheeseburger kind of day.
    Spent the week unpacking. Now packing for CES.
    Not sure how to send you a PM concerning the redeem code for the Words With Friends app. Please advise
    Hi Chris, quick question, when is the app getting fixed? I can not do anything on it, and its telling me I am not logged in...I miss my Eic! Hope all is well
    just a thought. might want to change the iPhone 5 section to the iPhone 4s section. :)
    Hello Chris,

    Sorry to bother you I know your busy with the site...I just thought of this idea about a new topic area for the Macbook, Macbook Pro's. The topic area should be called Accessories for the Macbook & Macbook Pro's.

    - Jamie
    Just wanted to give you a heads up- and this might be me- But I cannot seem to use the back button on the site. It just hangs. All other links work fine, but If I am looking at my watched thread list and click one, read it/comment it, and then hit the back button, it just hangs. Nothing happens. I have to click on Watched threads again to get back.
    I'm using Google Chrome 14.0.835.94 beta-m on Win 7 Pro, 64-bit
    Up late, up early. Not a good combination.
    Hi Chris. I submitted a how-to on the guest blog at least a week ago and it hasn't been published yet. Does it typically take this long?
    Fighting with air conditioners and losing.
    A little sleepy today.
    Getting ready for the podcast. Well, actually getting a P90 workout in, then getting ready.
    Wife found a bee in the house. Let's hope he didn't invite any friends over. Still a mystery how he found his way inside the house.
    Wiped out over 16,000 spammers today. I'd say that's a day's work. It's entirely normal to do P90x at 10:45 at night right?
    Time to get back to work, well other sorts of work.
    Finally mowed my lawn. Tried unsuccessfully to kill my lawnmower by running over branches, but to no avail.
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