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  • Chris,
    The update is out now. I'm downloading it right now. This is not a false alarm...Mark
    To The OP,
    You started this thread to wish your iPhone Happy Birthday. I actually think you have came up with a great idea. We need a dedicated iPhone birthday thread. A place where people can wish their beloved iPhone happpy birthday. They could also include any stories they care to share about their iPhone in the previous year. Maybe they just want to post a B-Day card for their iPhone. The possibilities are endless for such a thread. The iPhone has become a very personal part of peoples lives that own them. Why not have a dedicated spot on EIC just for wishing your iPhone happy Bday??? I also think it would bring about more forum usage. Everyone's iPhone is turning a different age at a different time, therefore you constantly have different posts being generated. Again I say to the OP, Great Idea!!! Mark
    Good Job here Boss man... :) OH WOW I'm the FIRST to post here?? I'm a SUPA GENIUS!!!!
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