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    Site not working on the apps!

    This should be fixed.
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    Where did the forum go?

    These issues should be resolved. Let me know if you should have any further issues.
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    Where did the forum go?

    Apologies for the quirks. Actually did a major upgrade of the forum software and it's an entirely new template. I'll see what I can do about getting those issues sorted - I have to check with TapaTalk to see if they have begun supporting the latest version of the forum software used on eiC.
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    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    I just bought an iPhone 7 - 256GB. Holding off on the new phones, for now.
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    Server migration: downtime expected

    The site should be up and running now. There are a few maintenance issues being addressed by the new hosting company. Otherwise, should be good to go.
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    Server migration: downtime expected

    I'll be migrating the site to a new server sometime in the next few days. To avoid any data loss during this transfer, posting may be turned off. Once the migration has been completed, I'll be sure to update this post and posting will be re-enabled. Thanks for your patience!
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    The Walking Dead (Spoilers!)

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    Forced link added to my post that takes the reader to an absolutely irrelevant site

    In order to facilitate the costs associated with this site, we regularly review various opportunities to generate revenue to help offset these costs. In this instance, we've tested and decided to discontinue the service which was adding links.
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    What's the longest you've been off of eiC?

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    What's the longest you've been off of eiC?

    June 10, 2006. Boom!
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    eiC app quietly removed from App Store?

    The mobile experience was better and supported all features, with little overhead. There was a very, very small percentage of users that used the app.
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    I shared details here. For those who enjoy the forum, I'm continuing to pay the server bills each month. :D
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    iOS 10

    Sorry for the delay. This has been added.
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    The Grinder

    It's a crime that this show was cancelled. Hoping that Netflix or some service picks it up.
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    Is Apple Watch compatible with iOS 8.3.2 ?

    Plus, it's called the Apple Watch - not iWatch. ;)