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    Help! Need to get iPhone out of DFU

    You cannot mention the use of cracked apps Aside from that, are you running a teathered jailbreak? What firmware? Jailbroken using.....?
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    3GS iOS 5 - Cydia tweak

    Awsome, I will look it up Thanks a lot
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    Help... I lost my iPhone

    if your referring to the OP, this thread was created in 07
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    3GS iOS 5 - Cydia tweak

    No, I had backgrounder on my previous IOS, now on 5.0.1 it comes stock with the multitasking bar. I want to be able to open certian apps, but when I leave that app I'd like it to close out of the multitasking bar automatically. I know of tweaks that will kill all of the multitasking bar with...
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    3GS iOS 5 - Cydia tweak

    Not sure if this is in the right place or not I just upgraded to 5.0.1, from the very old 3.1.2. I rejailbroke with red snow etc etc. Everythings good, now this is my first time with multitasking, does anyone know of any app, or tweak, in cydia that will let me select which apps will natively...
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    What shows are you watching?

    Although they are all currently done, Curb your enthusiasm East bound and down And Breaking bad - hands down, easily the greatest TV series ever created since the invention of the television, I havnt left the house aside from work in 3 weeks because I HAVE to see the next episode...
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    Will I lose my unlimited plan if I upgrade to iPhone 4S?

    Only $30 for unlimited?! Rogers Canada has a 500 mb plan for $25
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    Daniel tosh Dave chapelle Russel peters
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    Redneck's Bad Parking Job Thread

    Does anyone watch curb your enthusiasm? Larry David did a bit on exactly this. Season 8 episode ?, Except he mentions that someone else previously parked on an angle forcing the next car to do the same, but the first car leaves then all the blame goes to the newest Parker Absolutely...
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    Is there a way to save text messages?

    Very simple, Plug phone in Open iTunes Right click your device Select back up iPhone Done
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    What The Heck Is Tapatalk?

    I use tapatalk to access this forum along with others as well
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    Sync iPhone to new computer

    Right click on your iPhone on the left side and select back up, may take a while tho
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    Lock SMS and other apps

    I use Iprotect, found in cydia
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    How to remove Cydia before sending for Teodor?

    Could you poof cydia along with all the other jailbreak apps through sbsettings then as lingas they don't swipe the top of the screen you might be ok , depending on how much digging they do through the phone
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    Issue with Skype.

    I'm j/b as well, the first tine I opened Skype it said this, click on ok and it still works normal, I'm on 3.1.2 so I wouldn't know bout video calling