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    2.2 jailbreak and Lag reports

    Pictures opens for me in 2-3 seconds, but I can't really blame it since I assume more photos = slower load.
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    2.2 jailbreak and Lag reports

    Some of my times: Clock - 3.2 seconds Camera - 5.2 seconds SMS - 4.3 seconds Calendar - 3.3 seconds iPod - 2.2 seconds Settings - 5.1 seconds I don't know how that compares to non-JB phones, but it seems pretty good.
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    I Had To Laugh At This...

    I love self indulgent crap, this guy is either a genius or a *********(likely the second, but hey, I don't judge as quickly as he does)
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    Am I the only one with a perfect new Mac book?

    Mine is perfect for the most part, my battery cover is maybe half a mm from being a perfect fit, but I can live with that. The screen, meh, all laptop screens I have ever seen suck, but then I am used to using a $2000 tv as my main monitor. For a portable, the screen does what it needs to do...
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    New Aluminum MacBook Pics

    Nice to see someone else around here whos enjoying their new alu MacBook.
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    dust in screen. Hardcore

    I actually just became a victim of this random issue, I have a fairly serious chunk of dust under mine, at first I thought it was a dead pixel but I have since come to the conclusion that its above the screen itself but under the glass. So can anyone say safely what would happen if I were to...
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    New MacBooks Releasing October 14th

    I see my Drobo routinely get up to ~30MB/s, but thats just me? That being said, I'd prefer eSata to FireWire.
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    New MacBooks Releasing October 14th

    Isn't USB 2.0 480 not 240? Either way, your average user likely doesn't need anything faster, hence its move to the MBP from the standard Macs. Still can't wait till I can get my new laptop, I am so excited to take my first dip in the OS X pool.
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    New MacBooks Releasing October 14th

    indeed, kerfuffle. God I can't wait for my new CC to arrive so I can buy one
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    New MacBooks Releasing October 14th

    Not sure what all the kerfuffle is about lack of FireWire, I've come across a grand total of 1 product in my time that uses FireWire, and that is a digital video camera. Big deal you don't have firewire, theres a reason they are phasing it out, it failed, miserably, usb, even though its slower...
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    Rogers (Canada) iPhone 3G Plans

    Its great for the provider, decrease the minutes and increase the cost:). To make up for it I used around 400 incoming minutes and 300 in network, so it balances out I think.
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    Rogers (Canada) iPhone 3G Plans

    Those plans are fairly terrible, mine isn't great, the biggest thing I lack is minutes, but since I mostly receive calls its not so bad. With tax it came out to $87.52 this month, thats with 100 minutes, unlimited eve/weekends, 2500 text messages, 6gb of data, caller id, forwarding...
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    Mac Question

    If you believe that you deserve what you get for running without anti-virus. Just a while back there was talk about the DNS redirect issues, so there ARE viruses out there. Its like trying to cross a 4 lane highway at rushhour versus crossing a quiet towns main street...
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Think we need more of that.
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    Let's see yer desktops...

    I am a thread necromancer. Heres my fantastically boring desktop.