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    Anyone having 3G issues in NYC

    Same issue in VA since Friday, 3G data won't work properly, power cycling or turning 3g on/off usually fixes it briefly, but then it stops working again. EDGE seems to be fine.
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    Can't Identify iPhone, please reconnect

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue. The last 2 times I have plugged my iPhone in to charge / sync it up over the past few days I have gotten this error. I unplug and replug the phone in and it works fine, but any idea what would cause me to have to do this each...
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    EDGE down for anyone else?

    EDGE has been down for me since about 2PM, I called AT&T and they said that there is a data outage affecting the whole northeast (?) as of 2:14PM which sounds about right for me. Anyone else having issues?
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    Triangulation Problems

    Full signal here.
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    Triangulation Problems

    Is anyone else getting could not determine location in Google Maps? I'm not sure if it is where I live or what, but I can't get it to work. Anyone else?
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    Gmail IMAP down?

    Thanks for the replies guys, mine just came back up. How is yours rxmxsh?
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    Gmail IMAP down?

    Is anyone able to connect to gmail's imap server? It just sits at "connecting..." for me, but was working fine earlier today.
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    Gmail now with IMAP!

    Try logging in and out of Gmail and see if it shows up.
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    iPhone had a bad, bad weekend!

    Is it standard practice for Apple to charge you a $600 deposit for the loaner?
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    Call failed on incoming calls?

    Yeah I was in a full signal area.
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    Anyone else have their iPhone crash?

    I had mine crash tonight but that was after I did a hard reset on it because it was giving me "call failed" messages earlier. iTunes restored it and it seems fine for now.
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    Call failed on incoming calls?

    Anyone else have this happen? Twice tonight my phone rang normally and before I could answer it, the screen would turn black then come back on showing an incoming call, but the audible ringer would stop and it would just keep vibrating. A few seconds later it would display "Call Failed", then...
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    Mail Locked up?

    I've had mail crash on me numerous times...but never to the point where it broke the application, though it does not surprise me. Mail seems to have issues with network load/signal etc. for info on how to restore, let us know if that...
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    Anyone else noticed this? Kind of cool...kind of.

    Are you on wifi maybe?
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    Anyone else noticed this? Kind of cool...kind of.

    Not sure if anyone has posted about this, but I noticed tonight that if I call my phone while using EDGE, it will have a different ring than normal. It will make a "chirp" noise if you will in between rings. I guess this will let people know that you aren't ignoring them, you are just in a...