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    Gmail now with IMAP!

    Anyone configure it with their iPhone? I have both my accounts set up and I don't receive any "pushing."
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    Native iPhone AIM Program: ApolloIM

    This is a stupid question but, how do I install this on my phone?
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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    Thanks for the comments everyone and being civil about it. I'm just on the fence with the phone. I've had it for six weeks and we all paid $600 for a very expensive device that lacks very simple features that most free phones have. In that sense, its very annoying. Along with other people...
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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    Anyone else bored of their iPhone? Over a month has surpassed, no iChat, no push email (don't say yahoo is push because it isn't), no mms, no ringtones, no games. Im not a big fan of modding a phone so I have found this phone pretty dull. Anyone else have the same thoughts? If Apple doesn't...
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    Does Anyone's "Push" Email work?

    Yahoo servers are very inconsistent and do not work flawlessly all the time. I wish someone would step up and offer push email services. If .mac would offer it for the iPhone, I'd gladly pay the $99 service fee yearly.
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    update soon? looks like it.

    So is that the update they were referring to? It was pretty much useless.
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    If you really think about it, the iPhone does lack many simple features that free phones do right out of the box. I don't understand all the hate, but I can understand the bickering over Apple to give a software update. They knew the phone lacked many features upon the launch date but they...
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    i love my case but...

    Haha I bought that black incase that's shown in this thread and its ugly. It really takes away from the phone so I returned it. It also stretches too which seems like it will eventually become loose. Plus we're hearing that the cases scratch if debris gets caught in the case. The phone...
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    help... email trouble

    Welcome to the club. We've been discussing this for well over a week now.
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    i love my case but...

    No case > case
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    The Whine free "If I was on the iPhone development I'd do this on next update" thread

    For me the big ones are: 1. Incorporate a more reliable push email service. Maybe see if a deal with gmail can go through or even their own .mac accounts. 2. If someone is in their email box, please disable the phone from automatically PULLING emails. This is a HUGE DRAIN on the battery...
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    In China with the iPhone

    LOL :laugh2:
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    Apple Should Make a MySpace Widget

    That could be it. I figured that so many people have myspace, it would be a good selling point to have a myspace widget in conjunction with the newly added youtube widget.
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    Apple Should Make a MySpace Widget

    With all the people on myspace, I think Apple should make a myspace widget. It would attract more users on the bubble to get the phone. I know quite a few people who live and die on myspace and it could be an interesting widget to create.
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    NEWS: Belkin Cases Causing Scratches

    That sucks. I bought two cases (one belkin armband, one rubber incase) and have decided to return both. The iPhone is so nice looking, I decided that buying a case for it takes away from the aesthetics of the phone.