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    Blueant z9 Bluetooth headset

    I was really excited receiving the headset so quickly. Even moreso to test this thing out. After Gadget Guy's review, I thought that this headset was going to be the answer to all my initial problems with headsets. Sound clarity for received/originating calls and size. The most important...
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    Making the ring LOUDER! I can barely hear it.

    So has anyone discovered anything about making the ring and the alerts louder? I see all the posts about the volume of the call but no updates or threads on the ring volume. This one seemed to go the way of the call volume issue again. Can anyone chime in on the ring and alert volume...
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    do we need this section anymore?

    Wait a sec, I'm still camped outside the Apple store for nothing?! :laugh2:
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    Blueant z9 Bluetooth headset

    Just hooked one off of eBay. Once received and tested, I'll give my assessment for whatever that's worth. :) Currently own a Jawbone so I'll be able to compare them side by side.
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    Offical iPhone Software Carrier Unlock Discussion

    iPhone Unlocked The age of AT&T iPhone exclusivity is done!
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    Otterbox (not released yet)

    Nice...I'm on that list!
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    GMail Downloading Hundreds of Archived Mail

    Yup, that's the ticket. Basically turn off POP in your gmail account, save changes and then turn it back on. That will reset pop to download all emails from that moment on AND remember to turn off Use Recent Mode.
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    2 year contract. Why?

    Here's some good news, for me anyway. I just checked my account and it looks like I'm eligible for an upgrade in 5/2008, meaning my "upgrade" date was not affected by the required 2 year iPhone contract...SWEET. :2cool: I agree with all the explanations here. I just thought that an existing...
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    2 year contract. Why?

    I was just thinking the other night about the renewal of the 2 yr contract because of the purchase of the iPhone on day of release. WHY were we required to agree to a new 2 year contract? Other than the "exclusivity" of having an iPhone, there was no other incentive. We all paid full price of...
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    Jawbone charger problem

    I had this problem also. I returned the unit to Apple and wrote a message to Aliph. Where did you get your unit from? I returned my red one to the South Coast Apple store. Maybe it's the one you got? That'd be ironic. In my message to Aliph, I expressed disappointment and asked why they...
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    Jawbone or Apple Bluetooth Headset?

    I just picked up my replacement unit today at a local Apple store. Charging plug is MUCH better. If you can, see about exchanging yours, it's definitely a defective unit. GOOD LUCK
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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    I don't know about that. I'd need a case for the case!
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    OMG dropped/lost iPhone off motorcycle.

    I like the punishment part. You deserve it for dropping your piece of art! LOL! Congrats on having it returned!
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    Jawbone or Apple Bluetooth Headset?

    R1 - I was hoping someone would report that. I'll look into getting another and see how it goes. I've been reading the reviews and haven't read any report about the charging connector so it may be an isolated incident.
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    Anybody selling their Blackberry after buying the iPhone?

    7130c sold on craigslist.