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    What do you think about the Invisible Shield for iPhone 3G

    They are by far the best screen / body protector on the market. I started unsing them on my iPhone now I have them on my camera, gps, everything electronic. Well worth the price!
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    Jawbone Headset - STAY IN MY EAR DANGIT!

    Good tip on the jabra hack I may give that a try before the expensive custom ear buds
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    Additional Minutes on iPhone

    If you call up customer service they can change your billing date, they can't always give you the exact date you want but usually winthin a day or two +/-
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    Jawbone Headset - STAY IN MY EAR DANGIT!

    Thats a really handy site I think I'll hav eto get one of those. Do you still use the hoop or hook that goes over and behind your ear as well or is the eargel enough to hold it on?
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    iPhone on tmobile in US?

    Dude if you're flaming me after I just apolagized then go screw
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    iPhone on tmobile in US?

    My apolagies I TOTALLY messed that one up:embarrassed:
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    iPhone on tmobile in US?

    Following that logic then you wouldn't be able to use a US based phone in europe which is common knowledge that you can use a quad band us phone outside of the country.....
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    AT&T preparing for new iPhone stock?

    Just saw this while looking around on the AT&T website: iPhone is currently available at AT&T retail stores or at for $299 (4GB model - while supplies last) and $399 (8GB model). So whats up with that?
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    Finally dropped it

    Try putting "egrips" on it, I've had them on all of my portable electronics and they kick ass. Like put the phone on the dashboard and drive the cross bronx at full speed and my ipod stays put. ps: for those not from the ny area its one of the most awful pothole and...
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    no it wasn't a "supersim" but something along those lines. Don't recall the brand but it was a waste. If you do try it let me know how it goes. good luck:foot:
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    I tried a similar product in my razr years ago and it was totally bogus......just my 0.02
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    100 Gig?

    Capacity has always gone up and shows no sign of stopping. If they make a bigger ipod consumers will find a way of filling it.
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    postcard to iPhone

    This works. All wireless providers have an address for your phone, see this post it has all the @s for various providers. You send an mms to their "email" address ie their number @ whatever the sub is for their provider and...
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    iPhone has many uses.

    details man details, i need that
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    Unlock your iPhone with TurboSIM

    Umm cool, any more user friendly / better tutorial instructions for this? But rock on can't wait for an unlocked iPhone!:2cool: