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    NEW Female DialPad Sounds

    Yes it does work for calling banks and any other automated services that require the key pad.Works great have never had a problem with them!
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    New app (SMSD) Delete single text messages

    what about a app to forward single text messages! That would be awesome!
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    Mpeg4 Video

    make sure the video is checked in the iTunes part where it says movies to sync.
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    NEW Female DialPad Sounds

    I downloaded the sounds off the installer today.Now how do I put them on the dial pad,there is no option under customize,do I have to do it via ibricker?
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    PlainJainDim = My new favorite Summerboard Theme

    Looks great! How do u change the background? Via ibricker?
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    change SMS alert

    Thanks,Thats what I thought I might have to do.
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    change SMS alert

    when you install a new sound via ibricker does it keep the original or erase it?
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    Customize Update

    Just downloaded it,its under NFL logos and it has its own download under the install tab,not through customize...thanks again 420greg!
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    NFL Carrier Logos

    Any word yet what the files will be under and when they might be on the installer?thanks again!