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    Fav TV shows!

    Yeah, I hear you. At least they haven't laid off any full time workers. With the current production levels, what are you doing day to day?
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    Fav TV shows!

    Hey, Hondamaker, how are you doing? I know that Honda has shuttered production of everything for Acura this month, is it affecting you? We're low on inventory and wondering what we'll be selling for the next few months. Anyway my Tivo list (embarrassed it's so long) 24 Heros Sarah Conner CSI...
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    Moving iTunes to a new computer

    Thanks, I got it working by reinstalling it again. I wish I had known to de-authorize the other machine before I took it apart and overwrote the drive. Oh well, 2 of 5 are gone....
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    Moving iTunes to a new computer

    Hi all, I just built a new computer and I want to set up iTunes for this new machine. Although I'm backed up, I didn't de-authorize the old machine and it is no more. Here's how I'm set up: The majority of my music is DRM free on a third hard drive. Media purchased through iTunes is in the...
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    old 90s games u wish they remade for iPhone

    I agree, simple games: Lode runner, lunar lander, sabotage would all be fun
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    Strange iTune Syncing problem

    This just started happening recently, not long after 2.0 and 7.7. (but not right after!?) My podcasts aren't syncing properly. The settings selected in my (G1) iPhone menu WERE set to "all" from the dropdown list and then the 'selected podcasts' is checked. Previously, when set up like this...
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    ACT! Contact management software

    I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you're saying, but you cannot export directly from Act to WAB. Export to a text file on the desktop then open WAB from Start>Programs>Accessories and import the delimited file.
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    ACT! Contact management software

    in Act 6, you go to: File> Data Exchange > Export. I think I used a tab delimited .txt file, and then imported into WAB. If I recall, there was some field mapping to be done, but this was a one time thing. Actually, the whole process was a one time thing. Since the initial export, I've only...
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    2.0 is live!

    I got the 'unknown error unable to update.." message.
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    2.0 is live!

    Answered my own question, it's restoring from a backup. ..... now the question, is, do I try again?
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    2.0 is live!

    I updated to 7.7, downloaded the 2.0 software from macrumors and it bombed my phone. I'm in the process of restoring it right phone was not jailbroken and totally stock. Do I lose settings like mailbox info etc?
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    The real reason Bill Gates retired...

    HaHa, I use the iPhone and have had a bunch of Newtons a long time ago, but I use a PC. Though, as I recall, one of our earliest computers (after the Commodore 64) was a Apple IIe..... so its been PC's since.
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    Why do nice guys finish last in your opinion?

    For a moment I thought you were referring to Indigo Montoya......."My name is Indigo Montoya,you killed my father, now prepare to die" ha ha, just kidding. (sorry I couldn't resist....)
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    A Short Memorial Video for a Friend

    A friend of mine recently passed away, I've added a new post (and 2 min video) to my site for him. Please leave a note there, I'm sure his family (who is not in Hawaii) would appreciate it. In Memory of Jerry Balcer
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    Can the iPhone display what frequency it's receiving?

    My signal is marginal at best in my house. I get better coverage upstairs than downstairs, so I've been thinking about a zBoost repeater. There are dual band repeaters that cost $299 but if I could isolate the band I'm on, I could buy a single band tor $199. I'm currently trying to get an...