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    New iTalk phone by Apple? (not iPhone)

    So, whats it gonna be? This one or the iPhone. It seems the iPhone is the one they are going with though. ***Ooooh, nevermind, I just read that it was a speculative video. Was it you that did the video?
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    New iTalk phone by Apple? (not iPhone)

    This phone is HOT! Go here: iTALK . Apple Cell Phone Spec Commercial - Google Video This video is slightly longer: DevilDucky - iTalk Apple Phone What do yall think?
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    We've been punked! Cisco owns iPhone

    Like I said in another thread, they (Cisco) seriously needs to up the "iPhone" moniker because NO ONE will buy that garbage they (Cisco) is putting out. Would any of you buy this garbage?
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    Will you be getting an iPhone?

    I'll be getting one for myself and one for my wife on day 1!
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    Is it a full PDA

    I hope it is a full PDA because even though my Treo (WITHOUT TakepONE) is intuitive, its apps are very useful. I find myself writing 10-20 memos per day and using the schedule quite often.