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    iPhone in safe mode

    The pop up message said if you restart the phone, it would go back to normal. So yes I was able to get it back to normal. lol My phone was already jailbroken, I just hated how you have to delete that file when using your phone to install .ipa files. I was just playing around with that file...
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    iPhone in safe mode

    No, you change the permissions and then reboot the phone. You would get a nonstop loading screen. It didn't load, so I deleted the file and restarted the phone.
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    iPhone in safe mode

    Uh, yes it happened to me. All I did was change permission on the file in the caches folder. I set readable, writable and executable off. I made my phone respring, but it would go in a never ending spring. I went and deleted the...
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    iPhone in safe mode

    Any of you know this? I didn't know there was such thing.
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    Any idea what time the 2.1 update will come out...

    it probably should be up in the morning. it would be really funny if it comes out at 11:59 PM lolol
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    iPhone home button

    There's a tiny dent on the top right side of the iPhone and that's it. The home button and the surrounding looks fine as if it was normal. It is jailbroken and unlocked, but I can always restore it right?
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    iPhone home button

    Ok I have a 4gb iPhone and there's a problem. I have to press hard on the home button for it to work, it didn't do that before. Do you think I can go to the Apple store and get an exchange or something?
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    The next "Big App" for folks who enjoy playing Music

    I love this app. It sound so real, but I wish we could make how small or big the key is.
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    why does new phone say invalid SIM?

    you got to downgrade the baseban sor something like that Here is a guide
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    1.1.3 jailbreak problem?

    Have any of you have/had any problem with a 1.1.3 jailbroken by the dev? I have had a couple already. Like I have to switch back and forth from edge to wifi and from wifi to edge. There's no connection after five minutes of use, so switching from wifi to edge or vice versa to make it work again...
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    Britney has an iPhone

    Damn, there are too many people with iPhone now.
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    MacBook Help me decide where to buy MacBook Air

    Who has better return policy? Doesn't Apple have a 14-day with 10 or 15 percent restocking fee.
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    MacBook Help me decide where to buy MacBook Air

    No, I am talking about They both have free shipping. An advantage from buying from would be that I can just go to the store to return it if I want. Right?
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    MacBook Help me decide where to buy MacBook Air

    There are 2 places that I was thinking of buying from. Total cost on the same laptop Amazon-$2,094.00 apple-$2,137.44 Does it matter where I get them from? Would be the better place?
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    MacBook Anybody planning to get an elegant MacBook Air?

    The MBA is for me alright. I will mostly be using it for websurfing and microsoft words. I rarely use the optical drive, the only thing I would use it for is buring dvds.