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    Just unlocked my old 3GS to work on Verizon

    Yeah...sure you did
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I like simple & clean... Using the Epitome theme on my iOS4 jailbroken 3GS. Eagerly awaiting StatusNotifier for 4.0 as well as ability to change signal strength/WiFi bars....
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    Any opinions on Skinomi Techskin (3G)?

    I'll vouch for the wrapsol; I've had mine on for a couple weeks (also use a Griffin reveal w/ a BSE simple back on it...yeah I know, crazy to use a skin on a case..). I LOVE the matte finish of the wrapsol.
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    V1-To Sell Or Not To Sell..........

    Thanks for posting the cashforiPhones site... I'm in the same boat, and have been wondering what to do w/ my 1st gen iPhone. It sits there totally unused. I also have a Nokia 6500 SLIDE that I bought a month before I got the 1st gen iPhone, so the Nokia would act as my backup phone (I haven't...
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    Ultimate Ears latest offering

    Yep, these are nice phones. A buddy of mine got them too, and they are all that. If I did as much businesss travel as I used to, I could justify getting these, especially since all of my music is ripped/encoded to ALAC (I'm a Mac guy, and use Steve's proprietary codec :) )
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    iPhone 3GS: The first 30 days.

    I've only had mine since 7/7, but I've gotta say, I am glad I finally caved & upgraded from my Gen 1 iPhone. Build quality isn't as good as my Gen 1, but so far, not even close to the horror stories I've seen posted on several forums.
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    Griffin Reveal...Opinions?

    ^^ Yeah, I definitely see your point about using a BSE to protect an external case, but the scratches would bother me. I strongly prefer clear cases (there's just no accounting for taste, I guess!). IMO, most cases are bulky/ugly. I don't want something to cover up the inherent beauty of the...
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    Griffin Reveal...Opinions?

    I haven't seen much comment on this case (maybe because they are in such short supply). Just wondering if anyone here got one before the backorders started.. I placed an order direct from Griffin middle of last week, and in response to an inquiry I submitted through their website, I was...
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    iBEC and iBSS certificates

    I used the tutorial from iClarified (for Mac users), and the terminal command they provide makes this painless... So, I have the iBEC, iBSS & did the ECID thing via purplera1n....stored them on three different places/hard drives. LOL, we're all probably doing this for no reason...better to be...
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    There's no perfect 3G case - YET

    Even though it's kinda expensive for what you get, I will be ordering the Power Support Air Jacket (clear). I know it doesn't offer much in terms of protection--especially from drops, but what I want most is scratch protection for the back of my 3G S (if the damn thing would ever ship, that...
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    Do it at your own risk!

    Eeesh; those were some nerve-racking days!
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    My iPhone 3GS makes loud banging noise

    Wut? Message is too short
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    New 3.0 firmware. Is it for the iPhone2g?

    But it's not worth jailbreaking until you know for sure which apps will be ready to use on 3.0.... Just saying'
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    What taxes did you pay for the 3GS?

    Thanks... Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the sales tax for the phone itself... I've made a few posts saying I don't want to upgrade (I have a 8GB v1 iPhone), but I am more tempted now a couple days removed from WWDC for some reason. Simple upgradeitis, perhaps? Anyways, I think I'll at least...
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    What taxes did you pay for the 3GS?

    Any current AT&T customers pre-ordering from the AT&T site as opposed to Apple? I''m wondering whether AT&T charges the $18 upgrade fee at time of pre-ordering, or whether it'll show on the next monthly bill....