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    file locations

    here is a list that I have been collecting Important Paths Note: FSO images are shown on the homescreen against a black background, Default are shown inside apps against a gray background Custom Icons /Applications/*.app/icon.png (64x64) Ringtones /var/root/Library/Ringtones SMS Bubbles...
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    Sould i download ibrickr?

    The good thin is if you do decide to "mod" your phone you can always restore it back to original. And I personally use winscp and really like it.
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    Customize themes

    Yes! that is what I use and, I have never had a problem with it
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    my jessica alba theme

    Yes you need to install "customize" from your installer
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    customization question

    this should help
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    my jessica alba theme

    ok, hows this?
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    transparent Icon

    Does any one have a transparent icon they can send me? I have been trying to make one and it keeps on putting a white fill in it as a default. Thanks Dalton
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    my jessica alba theme

    Sorry, I think I put this in the wrong spot?..
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    my jessica alba theme

    This is my custom theme with a little help from Jessica Alba. This wallpaper is from "Into the Blue" and really completes the look.
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    Trouble changing carrier logo on iPhone

    go to your installer, and download customize and a bunch of the add ons. and you can change it to different carrier logos or halo, XXX, etc. you can also just do a search for carrier logos and manually ssh them to your phone to the following directory-...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    screen shots? how do you take a screen shot, so I can post it?
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    dial pad

    thanks griffanz, worked perfectly
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    dial pad

    ok I found part of what I was looking for, but my question is, some how I got some christmas/ holiday bells for my dialer background. and I can t seem to fix it. I have changed a couple different files. so if any one can help I would appreciate it. thanks
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    dial pad

    can some one post the path to change the dial pad picture? thanks Dalton
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    Free cool themes

    I found this spot for some really cool themes. ps. is any one know how to install them please let me know...LOL!...seriously.