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    Can't live without a phone? : )

    agreed completely, though i cant afford to buy one. Im paying for a new apartment, and tuition here at ncstate. And sadly my job of 7.5 an hour doesn't help pay for a 600 dollar phone...maybe in a year or so
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    New information at Apple

    While this may be old, i haven't been to the site in a week or so. They have a new video here: While the video shows the basic aspects of the iPhone, i still found it cool to watch some more. I learned about a new feature that is...
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    First Day Comeout

    19 million are interested. Probably 10 mill can afford it, and 4 mil will wait, or know when its actually going to come out and get it.
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    What's the last product that had you this excited?

    i sold it to him for 300. Its a launch console, so fairly old. Im giving him two white controlers, the wired headset(i have the wireless), my play and charge kit(one comes in the elite) the ethernet cable, and crackdown and call of duty 3 for 20 total. Im selling rainbow 6 and gears today to...
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    North Carolina?

    haha ya, at most ill pay 60.....i was going to get the helio ocean 2 weeks ago, 200 for the phone, and 65 for unlimited data and 500 minutes a month., but then i heard about this. Not sure why i was so late to hear about it, normaly im on top of things like this. But hey, atleast the wait...
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    North Carolina?

    not not totaly sure if im gettin one. I cant afford 80 a month. im only part time while in school at ncsu. But if they do come out at 6pm, then ill prob go by the store and see if ne1 is camping round 11am
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    What's the last product that had you this excited?

    my 360 which i recently sold to a friend for an elite 3 days ago lol
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    A thread for us sad little kiddies who won't be getting a phone on time. D=

    Im 20 working at Chick-fil-a, 40+ hours a week. I need money for school, my new apartment, and hopefully this new parents don't like the idea of a 600 dollar phone, but im working a lot, so they might let me.
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    Need album art?

    iPhonenotify, what do you use instead of limewire?
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    local cingular/AT&T store

    ok, thanks
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    local cingular/AT&T store

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    y are...

    because i am currently giving my razor, and phone line to my brother, and opening a new one with AT&T and Apple. So i figured going to an AT&T store would be easiest.
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    local cingular/AT&T store

    and there is another store near me that is just termed "cingular wireless" and does the following- Equipment Upgrade Phone Book Transfer Equipment Recycling Program GoPhone Refills Bill Payments - All Prepaid - TDMA to GSM Migration Prepaid - Equipment
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    local cingular/AT&T store

    On the cingular site, it is termed "Cingular authorized retailer."
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    local cingular/AT&T store

    Will my local cingular/AT&T store carry the iPhone at launch? Or is it just specific larger stores throughout the country.