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    Question about my battery

    ok so i don't know if my battery is shot or not but for every 20 percent of battery that i use i get about 1 hour of usage is that normal or not...i don't talk much on my phone..use a lot of safari and facebook app and use a aol radio a bit but i shut it off when i don't use it cause i know that...
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    Can I upgrade to 1.1.3 without locking, bricking my phone?

    ever since i downloaded 1.1.3 when i type with the iPhone the keyboard click volume is very low and also when i slide to unlock the phone the sound is also low....anyone have the same problem and solution
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    iPhone iPod question

    is there any way i can play my music on my iPhone ipod in my car headunit...i kno u can do it wit a regular ipod
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    got a about the iPhone..

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    got a about the iPhone..

    yes i just did it and it worked for 30 secs but at the end of the call it gives me a busy tone and doesn't go to my voicemail
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    got a about the iPhone..

    hey guys i got the iPhone and love it but i need some question is there anyway i can make the iPhone ring longer because i have noticed that the voicemail comes on rather early compared to other phones..