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    Does MobileMe support NON "" email addresses?

    No, you CAN make replies look like they are coming from gmail. Just set up a new SMTP server (not an e-mail account) on the iPhone, deactivate the MobileMe SMTP server, make the gmail one your primary outgoing server and you are all set.
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    Actual Useful Apps?

    What source do I need to add to get MobileTwitter? I've looked and looked and haven't been able to find it. Thanks.
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    1.1.3, IMAP and Gmail Harmony?

    Can anyone else confirm the gmail "push" which is being reported here? Has anyone tried 1.1.3 with another (non gmail) IMAP IDLE supported mail account (e.g. Fastmail)? I'm wondering if perhaps Apple added true IDLE support as an undocumented feature. David
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    Gmail goes IMAP

    Not to get too off-track here, but a few corrections. People are getting confused about terminology. IMAP Idle is the protocol which adds push support to IDLE mail. P-IMAP is a subset of IDLE (a proprietary version of IDLE, if you will). The Yahoo! account on the iPhone is neither IDLE nor...
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    The 1st song you bought on iTunes iPhone

    The Monkeys -- "The Porpoise Song" from the Head Soundtrack
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    Apple Care for iPhone available

    For those who are trying to find a reason to buy AppleCare given that v.2 of the iPhone may come out well before the 2 years are up, one factor to consider is that AppleCare is transferable and, thereforee, having it on the device becomes a huge bonus for potential buyers when and if you sell...
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    Treo 300 Treo 600 Moto MPx 200 Moto MPx 220 Moto MPx 300 (oh, if only it had more memory!) iMate PDA2k (aka Blue Angel) Samsung i730 Pantech PN-820 (WM5 smartphone)
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    Anyone get push Yahoo mail working?

    The sending crash is a problem many of us are having since earlier today. It appears to be due to some change Yahoo may have made -- perhaps affecting primarily Yahoo! Plus accounts. See the following thread:
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    Outlook sync problem

    I have tried and tried in vain to get the iPhone to sync with Outlook 2007. iTunes indicates that it is doing a sync, but when it is completed, there are no contacts or calendar data on the device. Anyone else have this problem/discovered a solution?
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    Already campers in my town.

    Rockford? Cheap Trick Rules! Just to keep this somewhat on topic, I checked several ATT stores in the Detroit suburbs this evening and saw no lines yet.
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    AT&T Unity Plan w/ iPhone

    Thanks! That's really great news. Combined with the low data cost announced today, this is really going to save me some $$ compared to how much I was paying as a VZW / AT&T home customer. It will make the loss of EVDO much more tolerable.
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    AT&T Unity Plan w/ iPhone

    I will be a new AT&T subscriber come Friday (actually returning from years ago), porting my Verizon number over. I am already a Cingular/AT&T home phone customer. Does anyone have any idea whether I can sign up for a Unity plan with an extra $20/mo data for the iPhone, or whether, as a new...