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    exchanging iPhone 4

    Just want to say, I've dealt a lot with Apple's refurbished products (both iPhones and computers) and they really are top notch. To someone reading this wondering about the quality of a replacement phone, don't worry. A lot of times, I can never even tell the phone apart from a new one.
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    I'm a believer, now signal issues

    I should have put quotes around satellite. I'm not talking about just cell phones. I mean any device that communicates wirelessly with another device.
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    I'm a believer, now signal issues

    Wait the reception goes down? :dft002:amazed You mean, when I have any device with an antenna that when I cover it's line of sight communication with the satellite that I'm going to see a drop in performance? It's an outrage! Angry mob time! Has everyone forgotten the days of radios with two...
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    Ok my notes went into Gmail on its own?

    What mail service do you use?
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    iMac Mail Male Mayull?

    I use Mail exclusively. I have tried other Mail programs but I can't find anything wrong with the included program. The only bug I've ever encountered is Mail will sometimes not execute rules that I have set up. I have to manually push them to work. I run three accounts in Mail: Gmail using...
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    Mac mini Purpose of the Mini

    Exactly. The Mac Mini is an easy transition for current PC owners looking to jump ship. At it's lower price point, someone can "get into mac" for a lot cheaper than something like an iMac.
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    Switching from PC to Mac, Can I bring my music library?

    Just remember reformatting a hard drive, wipes the hard drive!
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    Ok my notes went into Gmail on its own?

    Doesn't surprise me. In OSX, synced notes show up in the Mail application as a new folder.
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    Work is the pits...

    Right now, be thankful you have a job!
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    A Job!

    Congrats to you! I started my new job this week after being unemployed for 11 months!
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    No restocking fee, I'm exchanging for

    Shoot...if you take the plastic wrap off the box it's used.
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    iPhone 4 Car Solutions

    From my experience, the newer Pioneer systems have great iPod controls built-in. I can't say anything bad about it except for it runs a tad bit slower than the native phone menu navigation. This is a Pioneer P3100DVD in my WRX by the way. I know there is an add-on for Bluetooth (it's a...
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    My RadioShack iPhone Experience aka Gettin' Screwed 2010

    Okay, just wanted to reply to put an end to this thing. I went to an AT&T store tuesday morning the 29th and stood in line before the store opened. I got there three people too late but was put on a waiting list for later that day. I went back after lunchtime and got my phone, no problems. All...
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    Post your iPhone 4 cases

    I bought the case at the AT&T store by my house today for $24.99.
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    The aesthetics of the iPhone 4

    ^^Totally agree. 4>2G>3G/3GS aesthetics wise