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    iPhone 7 System Haptics: Enable or Disable?

    I really doubt it drains the battery all that much. I think it noticeably improves the user experience so mine are staying on.
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    iPhone 7 AirPods Question

    Funny you say that because the fit is the main reason I love the EarPods so much. I can barely feel they're there and they never fall out even during exercise. I guess one size doesn't fit all.
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    iPhone 7 AirPods Question

    The Bragi options are aesthetically far superior to the AirPods imo. I'll be interested to see what the verdict on sound quality is though.
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    Apple Leather iPhone 7/7+ Cases

    Wow Europa, you really like these cases :D. The midnight blue looks especially good though I must say.
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    iPhone 7 AirPods Question

    Plus you can already buy bluetooth earphones that have a wire and cost a fifth of the price. And what do you do with the wire when you're not using it?
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    iPhone 7 Email Clients

    The latest gmail update is horrendous, seems like they added color for colors sake. Going to try outlook tonight but anyone tried Boxer? Airmail? Dispatch? Hesitant to pay for them without trying them first.
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    MacBook Pro New MacBook Pro features Touch Bar with Touch ID

    I badly want one but cannot justify the price. I watched Casey Neistat's review on YouTube and his was $3500 without even being specced out. The only tangible thing I'd be getting for that is a touch bar, which, as of now, doesn't seem all that revolutionary. The lack of ports would drive me...
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    iPhone 7 Foxconn studying possibility of manufacturing iPhones in the USA

    Not if import taxes shoot up under the next government.
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    iPhone 7 “Special Edition” iPhone 7 is gold-plated, and costs $3000

    Even the man in question would think that's a little garish. And he has a gold-plated living room.
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    iPhone 7 Thinking of Swapping

    I have the jet black, but it is in a case. There's absolutely no way the glossy finish would survive being slung in and out of my pocket all day.