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    Win the iPhone 4

    I've owned each version of the iPhone...I need to keep my collection up!
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    PDA Function?

    I have used a PDA for years. My current phone has a PDA built in. Will the iPhone automatically sync all of my contacts into iCal and my Address Book? Also, how will it sync with PC's. I have Mac's but I also have PC's.
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    GSM Compatible?

    I currently have a GSM phone. What is the iPhone? Can I use it overseas? Desirae
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    Does anyone know how MySpace will look on iPhone? If we will be able to log in and use it as normal from our phone. I have a treo and they make it complicated to log in and use MySpace. Do you think that they will have any special features with MySpace that other phones don't currently have...
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    Keeping the screen clean

    Do you think that they will have a special hard case for the iPhones? I have a black tie addition treo and it came with a hard case that I find invaluable since I constantly throw my phone in my purse. Do you think that Apple will come out with something similar? The soft cases just don't work...
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    I'm so excited about this feature. I currently have a Treo and it has a lot of issues with this. It usually freezes up and I have to restart it. It has worked a few times, but its not consistent. I can't wait to get an iPhone! Desirae