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    How do I find a recent backup sync in iTunes?

    I tried to restore last night, but never saw the option to choose from a past sync. How do i find that option?
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    How do I find a recent backup sync in iTunes?

    cmon.. there has to be someone who knows how.......
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    How do I find a recent backup sync in iTunes?

    somehow lost all my phone #s in my address book on my computer when i sent it via bluetooth to another phone. Sold my 3g, now have the 3gs, but no phone #s.. how do i locate that list of backups i see sometimes?! please help..
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    iPhone Stolen

    It will work.. As i have recently done this.. As long as you still have the data plan still active on the original line.. AT&T will let you move the phone to your old line with the data plan
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    iPhone Stolen

    trust me.. it will work:laugh2:
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    iPhone Stolen

    Heres a good idea.. change your plan to a family plan, add an extra line, buy the iPhone at the discounted price, get a new sim card for the line that had the stolen iPhone and switch cards when you get home! just make sure to tell them to not add the data plan to the new line because you will...
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    adding new contact from recent call

    Yes there is.. after your call, go to "recents" Tap the blue arrow next to the number, and you will see an option to add contact. this way you don't have to write down the number to enter it again.
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    People won't stop touching my iPhone

    I just keep mine in my pocket.. if people do ask to see it.. i ask them to hold their wallet in exchange.. most people look at me funny, say im rude and walk away... I always win.:laugh2:
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    Callers hearing static?

    Ok.. thats awesome.. so the OP will connect to the three closest towers... The point is.. the OP should try to powercycle his device to eliminate static.
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    I am SOOO lost.

    Also.. if you browse the photography category in the app store, you will find some pretty amazing photo apps for, cropping, effects and a ton more! I actually use ieasycamera more than the stock one mostly because in settings you can change the image stabalizer! All of my pictures come out...
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    Have you seen this yet? Looks amazing!

    Got a link? The article just came out today...ive been on here all week and never seen it...
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    Have you seen this yet? Looks amazing!
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    worth jailbreaking?

    Yes.. this is very true.. i was just offering a buyer beware, based on all the complaints i read on this forum, and another one.
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    worth jailbreaking?

    Right.. so why add to the problem?! And landscape texting will be in 3.0
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    I voted "yes".. For me.. i HAVE to have this thing brand new! I waited on line for the first two releases.. And ill be there for tis one coming up.